12.12.2017 - 15:17
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The MPI Choir

The Max Planck Institute Choir is open to all interested singers.

Our Choir rehearses Thursday afternoons at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthro­pology. We perform regularly at concerts and events, with a repertoire of classical, romantic and modern music, and folk songs from many lands.

Our current members

  • Julia Cissewski (Director)
  • Silke Atmaca
  • Alexa Benson
  • Manjusha Chintalapati
  • Sebastian Ebert
  • Lydia Fiedler
  • Malgorzata Gac
  • Sven Grawunder
  • Samyogita Hardikar
  • Martin Klessen
  • Ingeborg Lambert
  • Anna Marzecová
  • Diyendo Massilani
  • Natacha Mendes
  • Sophie Milward
  • Filip Morys
  • Anne Nitsche
  • Jens Salvador