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Dental Tissues Workshop: pdfs


Holly Smith (1989)
Dental Development as a Measure of Life History in Primates [pdf]

Holly Smith, Robert L. Tompkins (1995)
Toward a life history of the hominidae [pdf]

Wendy Dirks (1998)
Histological reconstruction of dental development and age at death in a juvenile gibbon (Hylobates lar) [pdf]

Christopher Dean (2000)
Progress in understanding hominoid dental developmen
t [pdf]

C. Dean, M.G. Leakey, D. Reid, F. Schrenk, G.T. Schwartzk, C. Stringer & Alan Walker (2001)
Growth processes in teeth distinguish modern humans from Homo erectus and earlier hominins [pdf]

Fernando Ramirez Rozzi (2002)
Enamel Microstructure in Hominids [pdf]

Y. Chaimanee, D. Jolly, M. Benammi, P. Tafforeau, D. Duzer, I. Moussa & J-J. Jaeger (2003)
A Middle Miocene hominoid from Thailand and orangutan origins

Wendy Dirks (2003)
Effect of Diet on Dental Development in Four Species of Catarrhine Primates [pdf]

Anthony J. Olejniczak, Lawrence B. Martin, and Lilian Ulhaas (2004)
Quantification of dentine shape in anthropoid primates [pdf]

R.J. Radlanski, H. Renz (2004)
A possible interdependency between the wavy path of enamel rods, distances of Retzius lines, and mitotic activity at the cervical loop in human teeth: a hypothesis [pdf]

Fernando V. Ramirez Rozzi& José Maria Bermudez de Castro (2004)
Surprisingly rapid growth in Neanderthals [pdf]

Adrienne Zihlman, Debra Bolter, and Christophe Boesch (2004)
Wild chimpanzee dentition and its implications for assessing life history in immature hominin fossils [pdf]

D. Guatelli-Steinberg, D.J. Reid, T.A. Bishop, and C.S. Larsen (2005)
Anterior tooth growth periods in Neandertals were comparable to those of modern humans [pdf]

K. Kupczik, F. Spoor, A. Pommert, M. C. Dean (2005)
Premolar root number variation in hominoids: genetic polymorphism vs. Functional significance [pdf]

Anthony J. Olejniczak and Frederick E. Grine (2006)
Assessment of the Accuracy of Dental Enamel Thickness Measurements Using Microfocal X-Ray Computed Tomography [pdf]

Radlanski RJ, Renz H. (2006)
Developmental movements of the inner enamel epithelium as derived from micromorphological features [pdf]

Donald J. Reid, Rebecca J. Ferrell (2006)
The relationship between number of striae of Retzius and their periodicity in imbricational enamel formation [pdf]

T. M. Smith (2006)
Experimental determination of the periodicity of incremental features in enamel [pdf]

T. M. Smith, D. J. Reid and J. E. Sirianni (2006)
The accuracy of histological assessments of dental development and age at death [pdf]

P. Tafforeau et. al. (2006)
Applications of X-ray synchrotron microtomography for non-destructive 3D studies of paleontological specimens [pdf]