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Dental Tissues Workshop: Meeting Schedule


Schedule: download as pdf



Wednesday, September 20:

7:00 Evening reception (Leipzig Marriott, City Center)


Thursday, September 21 (MPI-EVA):

9:15 Welcoming Remarks and Introductions (MPI Main Lecture Hall)
Tanya Smith and Jean-Jacques Hublin

10:00 Keynote Address: Virtual Paleoanthropology and Dental Studies
Jean-Jacques Hublin

10:45 Coffee break (4th Floor)

11:00 Session 1: New Dimensions – Research Innovations

Dentine Crown Expression of Discrete Dental Traits of Hominoid Lower Molars
M.M. Skinner et al.

3D Insights Into The Arrangement Of Enamel Rods In Human Dental Enamel
R.J. Radlanski and H. Renz

12:00 Discussion led by Jay Kelley

12:15 Lunch

1:15 Workshop 1: Preparing Histological Sections/Surface Replicas
Leaders: P. Walton, D.J. Reid

1:15 Workshop 2a: Computed Tomographic (CT) Data Acquisition
Leaders: H. Temming, M.M. Skinner

2:30 Coffee break/Poster Session Opens (4th Floor)

3:00 Session 1 (continued)

Applications of X-ray Synchrotron Microtomography in Paleoanthropology
P. Tafforeau

Crown Formation and Age at Death in the Juvenile Hominin from Jebel Irhoud,

T.M. Smith et al.

4:00 Discussion led by Ralf Radlanski

4:45 Workshop 2b: Computed Tomographic (CT) Data Acquisition
Leaders: H. Temming, M.M. Skinner

6:00 Happy Hour (Bayerisher Bahnhof, Bayerisher Platz)

7:00 Dinner (Bayerisher Bahnhof, Bayerisher Platz)



Friday, September 22 (MPI-EVA):

9:00 Keynote Address: Signal and Variation in Life-history Data
B.H. Smith

9:45 Session 2: Primate Evolution

Revisiting Martin (1983): Hominoids’ Enamel Thickness, Volume and Distribution:
2D, 3D and 2D/3D Approaches

P. Tafforeau

10:15 Coffee break (Main Floor Terrace/Lobby)

10:30 Session 2 (continued)
Lessons from the “Lesser Apes” – Dental development in the Hylobatids
W. Dirks et al.

Form-Function Relationship of Tooth Roots in Gigantopithecus blacki and Extant

K. Kupczik

Phylogenetic Interpretations of Primate Molar Enamel Thickness Based on Three-
Dimensional Microtomographic Data

A.J. Olejniczak et al.

12:00 Discussion led by Mark Skinner

12:15 Lunch

1:15 Group Photo in Lobby

1:30 Optional MPI Tour

2:30 Depart MPI-EVA for Tours

3:00 Guided Tour of Bach Museum/Church or Leipzig Zoo

Free evening for local dinner and/or cultural events,

Suggestions for Friday Night (pdf)



Saturday, September 23 (MPI-EVA):

9:00 Keynote address: The History of Dentine Microstructure and Root Growth
C. Dean

9:45 Session 3: Hominin Evolution

Variation in Modern Human Premolar Enamel Formation Times: Implications for

D.J. Reid et al.

10:15 Coffee break (Main Floor Terrace/Lobby)

10:30 Session 3 (continued)

Enamel Volume and Thickness in Neanderthal Molars: a Microtomographic

A.J. Olejniczak et al.

Molar Eruption Rates and Root Extension Rates; Are They Linked?
C. Dean

11:30 Discussion led by Fernando Ramirez-Rozzi

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Workshop 3: Three-dimensional Data Analysis
Leaders: A.J. Olejniczak, P. Gunz

2:15 Workshop 4: Microscopic Developmental Analysis
Leaders: T.M. Smith, D.J. Reid

3:30 Coffee Break (Main Floor Terrace/Lobby)

3:45 Workshop 5: Managing Histological Collections and Digital Data (Group)

4:30 Group Discussion and Closing Remarks

7:00 Closing Dinner (Auerbachs Keller)


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