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Research Focus

Research Focus - Artifact Analysis

stone tool One of the important lines of evidence for reconstructing the evolution of hominin behavior is in the stone tools they manufactured. Our focus here is primarily on reconstructing the factors (geographical, physiological, technological, cognitive, etc.) that influenced past technical traditions. We do this primarily through techno/typological analyses of stone tool collections and through the analysis of raw materials. It is clear that raw materials played an important role in structuring variability in stone tool assemblages and that the identification of raw material sources can provide additional information on issues such as hominin use of the landscape, mobility, and planning depth. Currently, our work is focused on the Early and Middle Paleolithic/Stone Age of Africa and Europe including the last industries produced by Neandertals in western Europe (the Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition and the Châtelperronian) and on the earliest industries of the European Upper Paleolithic (the Aurignacian of western and central Europe).