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Facilities - Dental Hard Tissue Laboratory

toothHard tissue preparation and analysis laboratories are outfitted for stereo and transmitted light microscope examination of dental material.

In the preparation laboratory, standard replication material and embedding equipment are available. For the generation of histological sections, we offer the use of two Buehler Isomet precision saws, a large-diameter Logitech automated annular saw (APD1), and a Buehler Ecomet Grinder-Polisher.

Several forms of microscopy are available to study casts and histological sections, including transmitted and polarized light microscopy. We use the automated Olympus SZX9 Stereo microscope with the 12.5 mega-pixel DP 70 camera and SIS Imaging software for stereo microscopy, and the Olympus BX51 upright light microscope for transmitted and polarized light imaging, which can be coupled with the DP 70 and SIS software for a range of measurements, or used to capture images to 35 mm film.

The microscopes are linked to a high-speed computer with a 21-inch monitor and sufficient space to archive images to DVDs or for storage on our department server. A range of printing options is available, including on-site poster-sized image generation and high quality photo printing.


More information about tooth thin section preparation can be found here (pdf).

More information about the facilities and the study of incremental development can be found here (pdf).