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Facilities - Overview


in the biomolecular labBiomolecular Archaeology Chemistry Preparation Laboratories.

In these laboratories we prepare samples for a wide range of biochemical/biomolecular analyses. more


cast collectionCast Collection

The Department of Human Evolution holds an extensive collection of casts from institutions worldwide. more


dental labDental Hard Tissue Laboratory

Hard tissue preparation and analysis laboratories are outfitted for stereo and transmitted light microscope examination of dental material. In the preparation laboratory, standard replication material and embedding equipment are available. For the generation of histological sections, we offer the use of two Buehler Isomet precision saws, a large-diameter Logitech automated annular saw (APD1), and a Buehler Ecomet Grinder-Polisher. more


Light Isotope Ratio Mass SpectrometerLight Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. The Light Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory is a dedicated climate controlled laboratory that houses three stable isotope mass spectrometers (two ThermoFinnigan Delta XP's and one Delta V). more


in the labThe Luminescence Dating Laboratory

The Luminescence Dating Laboratory provides Thermoluminescence (TL), as well as Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL/IRSL) dating. It consists of four connected rooms with dimmed red (EncapSulite R10 and R20) lighting.
One room is dedicated to the chemical and another one to the mechanical sample preparation.more


in the Osteology labOsteology Laboratory

The Department of Human Evolution contains a purpose-built Osteology Laboratory designed for the study of both human and zooarchaeological remains. more


ThermoFinnigan NeptunePlasma Ionization Multicollector Mass Spectrometry (PIMMS) facility

We have a ThermoFinnigan Neptune (PIMMS) with laser ablation facilities (New Wave Research UP213) for the measurement of isotope ratios in a range of elements. more


Radiocarbon Dating laboratory

The research-only facility includes laboratories for the pre-treatment of organics (mainly bone and tooth collagen) for 14C dating, as well as facilities for the graphitisation of samples (in collaboration with the Oxford Radicarbon Accelerator Unit). more


CT ScannerScanning Equipment

CT Scanners

The department has two computed tomography (CT) scanners.  First, we have a transportable, high-resolution, industrial CT scanner for 3-D imaging of large objects such as fossil cranial or post-cranial skeletal remains - BIR ACTIS 225/300.  Second, we have a desktop micro-CT scanner for small objects such as teeth - Skyscan 1172/100kV. more

Surface Scanners

The department has a Breuckmann optoTop-HE portable, structured light surface scanner that is used to scan fossil material and to build a virtual faunal reference collection.  Additionally, we have used this scanner at several archaeological sites to scan in situ material. more


Virtual reality labVirtual Reality Laboratory

The department has a state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) laboratory for computer visualization, manipulation, and analysis of 3-D data from CT scans, laser scans, or obtained with a total station.