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Professor Jean-Jacques Hublin Director of the Department (E-Mail:


Administrative Staff:

Cornelia Schicke Business Travel Administrator and Foreign Language Correspondent (E-Mail:

Silke Streiber Assistant to Professor Hublin (E-Mail:

Candy Felber Assistant to Professor Hublin (E-Mail:

Mikaela Lui Research Assistant to Professor Hublin (Email:


Research Staff:

Dr. Will Archer (E-Mail:

Dr. Vera Aldeias (E-Mail:

Dr. Romain David (E-Mail:

Dr. Kathryn Fitzsimmons (E-Mail:

Dr. Sarah Freidline (E-Mail:

Dr. Philipp Gunz (E-Mail:

Dr. Dirk Hoffmann (E-Mail:

Dr. Klervia Jaouen (E-Mail:

Dr. Tracy Kivell (E-Mail:

Dr. Tobias Lauer (E-Mail:

Dr. Adeline Le Cabec (E-Mail:

Dr. Shannon P. McPherron (E-Mail:

Dr. Stephanie Melillo (E-Mail:

Dr. Simon Neubauer (E-Mail:

Dr. Angela Perri (E-Mail:

Dr. Daniel Richter (E-Mail:

Dr. Matthew Skinner (E-Mail:

Dr. Sahra Talamo (E-Mail:

Frido Welker (E-Mail:


Graduate Students:

Patrick Arnold (E-Mail:

Alexa Benson (E-Mail:

Inga Bergmann (E-Mail:

Marjolein Bosch (E-Mail:

Dawit Desta (E-Mail:

Tamara Dogandzic (E-Mail:

Nina Dörschner (E-Mail:

Helen Fewlass (E-Mail:

Collin Moore (E-Mail:

Cornel Pop (E-Mail:

Nadia Scott (E-Mail:

Sarah Pederzani (E-Mail:

Alexandra Schuh (E-Mail:

Veronica Silva Pinto (E-Mail:

Stefanie Stelzer (E-Mail:

Nicholas Stephens (E-Mail:

André Strauss (E-Mail:

Zewdi Tsegai (E-Mail:

Marcel Weiß (E-Mail:


Technical Staff:

Steffi Hesse Lab Assistant (E-Mail:

David Plotzki Lab Assistant (E-Mail:

Lysann Klausnitzer Lab Assistant (E-Mail:

Annabell Reiner Lab Assistant (E-Mail:

Uta Schwarz Lab Assistant (E-Mail:

Sven Steinbrenner Lab Assistant (E-Mail:

Heiko Temming Software Engineer (E-Mail:

Lukas Westphal IT Administrator (E-Mail: