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A) Publications with peer review process

  1. Caruana, M., Carvalho, S., Braun, D.R., Presnyakova, D., Haslam, M., Archer,W., Bobe, R., Harris, J.W.K. (2014): Quantifying Traces of Tool Use: A Novel Morphometric Analysis of Damage Patterns on Percussive Tools. PloS one 9, no. 11 (2014): e113856. (Impact factor: 3.53)

  2. McPherron, S. P., Braun, D. R., Dogandžić, T., Archer, W., Desta, D., Lin, S. C. (2014): An experimental assessment of the influences on edge damage to lithic artifacts: a consideration of edge angle, substrate grain size, raw material properties, and exposed face. Journal of Archaeological Science, 49, 70-82.(Impact factor: 2.14)

  3. Archer, W., Braun, D. R., Harris, J. W., McCoy, J. T., Richmond, B. G. (2014): Early Pleistocene aquatic resource use in the Turkana Basin. Journal of human evolution, 77, 74-87.(Impact factor: 3.87)

  4. Braun, D. R., Levin, N. E., Stynder, D., Herries, A. I., Archer, W., Forrest, F., Fitzsimmons, K. E. (2013): Mid-Pleistocene Hominin occupation at Elandsfontein, Western Cape, South Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews, 82, 145-166.(Impact factor: 4.57)

  5. Schmidt, P., Porraz, G., Slodczyk, A., Bellot-Gurlet, L., Archer, W., Miller, C. E. (2013): Heat treatment in the South African Middle Stone Age: temperature induced transformations of silcrete and their technological implications. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(9), 3519-3531.(Impact factor: 2.14)

  6. Porraz, G., Parkington, J. E., Rigaud, J. P., Miller, C. E., Poggenpoel, C., Tribolo, C., Archer, W.,  ,Texier, P. J. (2013):The MSA sequence of Diepkloof and the history of southern African Late Pleistocene populations. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(9), 3542-3552.(Impact factor: 2.14)

  7. Porraz, G., Texier, P. J., Archer, W., Piboule, M., Rigaud, J. P., Tribolo, C. (2013): Technological successions in the Middle Stone Age sequence of Diepkloof Rock Shelter, Western Cape, South Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(9), 3376-3400.(Impact factor: 2.14)

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  11. Presnyakova, D., Archer, W.,Braun, D. R., Flear, W. (accepted [minor revisions]: see attached letter from editor) (2015): Documenting differences between Early Stone Age flake production systems: an experimental model and archaeological verification.PloS one. (Impact factor: 3.53)

B) Submitted publications with peer review process

  1. Archer, W., Gunz, P., van Niekerk, K., Henshilwood, C.S., McPherron, S.P. (m.s): Diachronic change within the Still Bay at Blombos Cave, South Africa. PloS one. (Impact factor: 3.53)

  2. Archer, W., Pop, C.M.,Gunz, P., McPherron, S.P. (m.s): Investigating the Still Bay as a convergent technological development.Journal of human evolution.(Impact factor: 3.87)