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In peer-reviewed journals:

David, R., Droulez, J., Allain, R., Berthoz, A., Janvier, P., Bennequin, D. 2010. Motion from the past. A new method to infer vestibular capacities of extinct species. Comptes Rendus Palevol 9 (6-7), pp. 397-410 

Abstract/short paper:

David, R., Allain, R., Berthoz, A., Janvier, P. 2011. A new way to estimate the directional sensitivity of the semicircular anals system. Program and Abstracts of the 71st Anniversary Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology; 2011 Nov 2-5; Las Vegas, NV, USA

David, R., Berthoz, A., Bennequin, D. 2011. Secret laws of the labyrinth. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC, Annual International Conference of the IEEE, pp. 2269-2272 

Conference talks:

David, R., Allain, R., Bennequin, D., Berthoz, A., Janvier, P. 2012. Evolution of semicircular canals’ shape in archosaurs. Phylogenetic and functional implications. 4th symposium Georges Cuvier. Montbéliard, 8-12 october 2012.

Book chapters:

Berthoz A., Allain R., Bennequin D., David R. & Janvier P., 2011. Sortie de l’eau et système vestibulaire. Pp. 75-97 in Corvol P. & Elghozi J.-C. (eds), Sortir de l’eau. Odile Jacob, Paris.