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Curriculum Vitae

Dawit Tibebu Desta




Addis Ababa University, B.A Degree in History 


Addis Ababa University, M.A Degree in Archaeology


Work Experience


History Researcher - Archaeology and Paleontology Department
(Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage/ARCCH/)Ethiopia


Historical Archaeology Researcher- Archaeology and
Paleontology Department (ARCCH)

2010 -2011 Senior Curator of Prehistory Archaeology (ARCCH)
2011- Archaeology Researcher (ARCCH)    


Field Experience

2005/06 and 2006/07

Middle Awash Paleoanthropological Research Project
representative of the ARCCH  (directed by Prof. Tim White of California
University, Berkeley in Afar Region- Ethiopia.

2005 and 2006

Spanish Archaeological Mission representative of the ARCCH
Participanted in ethno-archeological research among the Nilo-Saharan peoples (directed by Prof. Victor M. Fernandez of the Universidad Complutense Madrid in Benishangul Gumuz Region-Ethiopia.


Research Member, Palaeoantropological Surveys in Western Bilate
With the principal researcher Ignacio de la Torre, University College of London
in Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples Region- Ethiopia.


Member of the Ethio-Spanish Archaeological Project (directed by Prof. Victor M. Fernandez of the Universidad Complutense Madrid)and participated in the Survey and Excavation work in the 17century Pre-Gonderine Monuments in Amhara Region-Ethiopia



Preventive Archaeology


Member of the Rescue team to save the Megalithic site Armufo- Dildila
Oromiya Region- Ethiopia


Member of the Rescue team on the excavation of the Iron Age Site Anfo-Keranyo-

2008 (Oct.– Nov.)

Member of Archaeological Survey and Impact Assessment team on
the Gibe III Hydroelectric Project- ARCCH-Ethiopia


Principal investigator in Yeha a Pre-Aksumite site on the rescue of
the underground necropolis, Tigray Region-Ethiopia