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Conference presentations

Pop, Cornel. 2016. Simulating lithic raw material variability in archaeological contexts: A re-evaluation and revision of Brantingham’s neutral model. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 23(4), 1127-1161. doi:10.1007/s10816-015-9262-y.

Pop, Cornel. 2013. The effects of raw material properties on edge attrition: a high-resolution study of unretouched experimental flakes. Poster to be presented at the ‘Stories Written in Stone’ International Symposium on Chert and Other Knappable Materials, Iasi, Romania.

Pop, Cornel.  2012. An online, collaborative database of Romanian Middle Palaeolithic finds. Poster presented at the Paleoanthropology Society Annual Meeting, Memphis, TN.

Pop, Cornel. 2012. A flexible image-based method for lithic analysis. Poster presented at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Memphis, TN.