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Curriculum Vitae



2006-present Marie-Curie (Evan training network) early-stage researcher, Department of Human Evolution, MPI-EVA.
Topic: "Developmental integration and modularity in the primate cranium: a 3D geometric morphometrics study"
2004 M.Sc. in Human Evolution and Behaviour
(Biological Anthropology) with Distinction
University College London, United Kingdom
Thesis: “Investigating intra-inter specific variation in the occipital bone and hard palate of great apes and humans: using 3D geometric morphometrics”
2002 B.A. in Anthropology (Honours)
Knox College
Thesis: “Man the Hunter or Woman the Gatherer: subsistence and sex roles in human evolution”



2004 Leakey foundation grant for masters research in biological anthropology
2004 Department of anthropology graduate school
Research grant for masters research, UCL
2001 Richters foundation grant for undergraduate research
Knox College



  • Comparative skull anatomy
  • Modern human origins
  • Phylogenetics
  • 3D geometric morphometrics
  • Modularity and morphological integration
  • Hominid ontogeny.



2006 Aliakmon Paleolithic/Paleoanthropological Survey Project, Greece
2001 Laetoli, Tanzania
Research project: “A paleotaphonomical analysis of the fossil fauna of the upper Laetolil beds, Tanzania”