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André Strauss

I am a PhD student in the IMPRS program of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and Leipzig University. My main research objective is to characterize patterns of cranial growth and development among late juveniles and early adults of extant hominoid species. Subsequently this information will be used to re-evaluate late juvenile/early-adult hominin fossils, to assess to which extent their individual morphology reflects immature development rather than the adult phenotype of a particular taxon. Growth and development are studied with geometric morphometric methods, analysing 3D landmark data sets mostly derived from CT scans.


In addition, I work as a South American archaeologist coordinating the project “The Mortuary Practices of the First Americans” and the associated excavations of Lapa do Santo. The findings from this new site located in Lagoa Santa region, Central Brazil, show that between 8.8-8.5 non-calibrated kyBP the reduction of the body by means of mutilation, defleshing, exposure to fire and cannibalism, followed by the secondarization of the remains according to strict prescriptions, became a central element of funerary rituals during this timeframe.




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