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Sahra TalamoSahra Talamo

I am a post-doctoral researcher in Radiocarbon dating at MPI-EVA. During my thirteen year career I have been strongly involved both in methodological development and application of AMS 14C. I completed my PhD dissertation in Archaeology in July 2012, entitled: "Refining 14C dating of bone >30,000 BP: Establishing an accurate chronology for the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in France", at the University of Leiden/MPI-EVA.

In my current position I actively seek new dating projects from both MUP and Holocene sites. I supervise the extraction of collagen and the graphitization. Since 2010 I have been collaborating mainly with the MICADAS AMS facility in Mannheim, directed by B. Kromer (, and I am responsible for the analysis and evaluation of the AMS dates. Using radiocarbon dating and Bayesian modeling I develop accurate chronologies focusing in the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic period. I also participate in excavations where I have been responsible for instigating the dating project and the subsequent sample selection, mainly in Central and Southern Europe.

Previous to my PhD I was already involved in various aspects of radiocarbon research. From 2002-2007 I was employed as a researcher at the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften (Heidelberg Academy of Sciences) under the direction of Dr. Bernd Kromer. My main project was to obtain high-precision 14C dates on tree-ring chronologies for 14C calibration and dating of key sites in Central Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. I was involved in several projects (Roman Gap Project and Eastern Mediterranean Radiocarbon Comparison project (EMRCP)) to close gaps in Mediterranean tree ring chronologies between the Medieval and Iron /Bronze Ages using wiggle matching, and to study regional differences in radiocarbon between Aegean and Central Europe.

Through these projects I became a member of the IntCal working group to create the IntCal04 calibration data set. The final part of my scientific work (2005-2007) in Heidelberg was dedicated to an ESF Project in the EuroClimate program, where the focus was to extend the tree-ring based radiocarbon calibration into the Late Glacial and to study climate events in this time range. My responsibility, in addition to the lab work, was to organize fieldwork (in Romania, Hungary, Italy and France) to find subfossil trees and to coordinate the communication between the radiocarbon labs and the tree ring labs. The result of this work was a major contribution to the IntCal09 and IntCal13 calibration data set.

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Sahra Talamo
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