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heiko temmingHeiko Temming

In my electrical engineering studies I started my activities in image processing and intensivate these in my diploma thesis: „Conceptional design for the development of electrical equipment for orientation of the blind“. After my successful degree I aquired a lot of experiences in imaging systems, especially in cardiological, angiographic and conventional radiography.

For about 3 ½ years I have participated in a research project funded by the German Israeli Foudation at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognition and Brain Sciences. My work was primarly concerned with the development of a new method for the intersubject registration of 3D anatomical images of the human brain. This means to transform virtual human brains into a common coordinate system and remove their variability in order to make them more or less uniform.

In my position as software engineer I directly participate on research projects and work on the developement , implementation, maintenance and application of software systems for analysis and manipulation of 3D virtual objects. Furthermore, supervising a Computer Tomography (CT)/Digital Radiography (DR) system as well as a Micro CT (µCT) for image aquisition (both of them are/will be mobile); a virtual reality room for visualisation, image reconstruction and manipulation; and a 3D printer to „convert virtual reality to real virtuality“.
To a lesser extend, I also participate in general system managment of the department and provide user support.

Research interests:
digital imaging, image processing, virtual reality, intersubject registration, geometric modelling

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