29.11.2015 - 13:21
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Group staff

Aida Andrés

  • Group leader


Cesare de Filippo

  • Postdoc, studying shifts in selective pressure in targets of balancing selection.


Romain Laurent

  • Postdoc, working on comparative population genomics in humans and the great apes.


Joshua Schmidt

  • Postdoc, studying local adaptation in chimpanzees.


Felix-M. Key

  • Graduate student, studying local adaptation in human populations.


João Teixeira

  • Graduate student, studying balancing selection in humans and the great apes.


Philip Kleinert

  • Masters thesis student, studying shifts of balancing selection in human populations.


Katalina Bobowik

  • Intern student, studying the evidence of positive selection on functionally relevant alleles.


Muslih Abdul-Aziz

  • Intern student, studying recent changes in allele frequencies in human populations.


Bárbara Bitarello


Former members

  • Àngel Belmonte Aguirre (Master's Thesis Student) now a programmer in Barcelona
  • Bárbara Bitarello (visiting Graduate student) finishing up her thesis back in Brasil
  • Juan Ramón Meneu (Programmer) now a programmer in Spain
  • Homa Papoli (PhD student) now a PhD student in Uppsala
  • Genís Parra (Bioinformatician) now a postdoc in Dresden