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We enjoy a dynamic and highly collaborative environment that includes a number of groups focused on different aspects of human genomic evolution.

We are always interested in incorporating talented individuals to the group, particularly those with a strong evolutionary, computational, and/or quantitative background. If you are interested in our research and would like to join the group, please contact Aida Andrés (aida.andres@[>>> Please remove the brackets! <<<]eva.mpg.de) directly. If possible, please do it with some time so we can explore funding options.

Position in population genomics

We seek a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher to work on a collaborative project focusing on the analysis of genome-wide diversity data to assess the patterns of local adaptation in populations of humans and other primates. The project will take advantage of several new genome-wide datasets from primate populations and species. 

We are seeking a creative and highly motivated individual with prime interest in population genomics. Candidates should have research experience evolutionary biology, population genetics, bioinformatics, computational biology, statistics, or related disciplines. The ideal candidate will have experience in at least one of the areas above, and a strong interest in the others. Previous work in population genetics/genomics (theoretical or analytical), experience with large-scale databases, and strong programming skills are a plus but not required.

The Department of Evolutionary Genetics is a lively, stimulating, and highly collaborative place at the front of primate evolutionary genomics. The Institute is very international and English speaking. Leipzig is a nice and affordable city of 500,000 habitants that is the capital and major cultural center of German Saxony (two hours away from Berlin and three from Prague).

To apply send, in PDF format, a cover letter, your CV, and the contact information of at least 2 potential referees to Aida Andrés or to Sergi Castellano. Informal inquiries can be sent to the same addresses.

HiWi position in population genomics

A HiWi position is available in the Genetic Diversity and Selection group, in the Department of Evolutionary Genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. 

The main focus of our lab is to shed light on the role that natural selection has played in the evolution of humans and other primates, and to understand the phenotypic consequences of selected genetic variants. We work towards the identification and characterization of genes evolving under natural selection, through both genome-wide analyses and detailed evolutionary approaches. The HiWi will work to support a project on analyzing ancient genomes to better understand adaptation of modern human populations.

We are seeking a creative and highly motivated individual with a background in bioinformatics, statistics, computational biology or mathematics, and with a strong interest in evolution and the life sciences. Programming experience is necessary. Previous relevant research experience (e.g. in genomic/genetic analyses) is a plus but not required.

To apply send, in PDF format, a cover letter, your CV and transcripts, and the contact information of potential referees to Aida Andrés. Informal inquiries can be sent to the same address.