12.02.2016 - 23:29
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Demographic history of human populations and recent adaptation

The general objective of our lab is to investigate 
genetic diversity in different populations, and the large proportion of 
data is from DNA hybridization to capture reads from mitochondria or Y 
chromosome followed with next generation sequencing. My main interest 
focuses on the biological interpret of these data.

Projects on captured DNA are in different stages: for mitochondrial DNA, 
the chromosome is reconstructed from NGS, and high resolution is given 
for heteroplasmy; for y chromosome, the uniquely mappable part of NRY 
with a total length of 570k are explored; and the off-target reads from 
automosomes are at the beginning stage of the analysis, the ambition is 
to establish the link of migration history to adaptation signature from 
genomic approaches.


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