26.06.2016 - 10:20
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Max Planck Weizmann Center for Integrative Archaeology and Anthropology

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

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04103 Leipzig, Germany

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The Max Planck Weizmann Center for Integrative Archaeology and Anthropology (MPWC) is an interdisciplinary cooperation between the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI-EVA) in Leipzig, Germany, and the Weizmann Institute of Science WIS) in Rehovot, Israel. View more ...


  • 22/04/2016: Today the latest paper co-authered by Adam van Casteren is published. It focuses on dental abrasion as a cutting process.
  • 14/04/2016: Michael Berthaume presents his latest research on masticatory cranial deformations at the 85th AAPA's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA
  • 05/04/2016: Ellen Schulz-Kornas holds a keynote speech on the 5th International Conference on Surface Metrology in Poznan, Poland.
  • 01/04/2016: Our new technical assistant Tina Kottek will support Silke in the lab from now on. A good start to Tina!
  • 31/03/2016: Kornelius Kupczik co-authored a new paper on "Dynamic Modelling of Tooth Deformation Using Occlusal Kinematics and Finite Element Analysis" published today on PlosOne.
  • 30/03/2016: Adam van Casteren and Michael Berthaume attend the Spring Meeting of the British Primate Society presenting on "Physical properties of plants consumed by Chimpanzees" (Adam) and "Sexual differences in masticatory cranial deformations within Orangutans" (Mike et al.).
  • 02/03/2016: The latest paper co-authored by Ellen Schulz-Kornas is published in Ecology and Evolution. She and her colleagues found that "Tooth wear patterns in black rats (Rattus rattus) of Madagascar differ more in relation to human impact than to differences in natural habitats".