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Invitation to the "10. Tagung der GfP"

The Junior Research Group Integrative Primate Socio-Ecology (IPSE) would like to invite all GfP members and guests to the "10. Tagung der GfP" on December 7th - 8th 2006. The venue will be the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. The current board of the GfP decided to desynchronize the regular GfP meeting with the bi-annual EFP conference. This meeting will be the first to follow the new schedule. In order to reduce the overall meeting load for everybody we decided to organize a very brief meeting. Nevertheless, there will be plenty of time for contributed talks and poster presentations, and - equally important - the opportunity for everyone to catch up with each other. Although we hope that many will stay and socialize on Friday night, those of you extremely time-constrained may head to Leipzig on Thursday and leave Friday night. With two attractive invited contributions and the typical high standard of student presentations we are confident that many of you make the journey. Leipzig's new mayor promised that the construction sites spread all over the city will be mended for the FIFA world-cup 2006. So by December the work may actually be finished and Leipzig even more attractive.

Looking forward to seeing you
Julia Ostner & Oliver Schülke