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Conceptual Work

Refinement of the Socioecological Model

Despite some methodological problems regarding the measurement of food distribution and resource size there is strong support for the relationships between resource characteristics and competitive regimes. In contrast, the link to female social relationships and dispersal patterns is controversial. Inconsistencies between theoretical expectations and empirical data may in large parts be due to conceptual ambiguity. A social relationships type, as a concept, is a construct of behavioral/life history traits and characteristics of dominance hierarchies (concepts themselves) proposed to result from certain combinations of competition modes. However, different authors use different combinations of traits, use single traits, leave out life history or include both, males and females which must lead to spurious results. One focus of the IPSE group is to rework the concept of the social relationships type, i.e. to develop a new classification of social relationships that directly relates to measured competitive regimes instead of being derived from theoretical considerations.

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