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Conference on Phonetic Universals

Conference on Phonetic Universals


Invited speakers

Shadle, Christine

Haskins Laboratories

Aerodynamics of speech, and the puzzle of voiced fricatives

Maddieson, Ian

University of New Mexico/
UC Berkeley

The universality of segments in light of evidence for exemplars

Poeppel, David

New York University

The architecture of speech perception and its temporal foundations

Kingston, John

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mutually assured autonomy

Perrier, Pascal

GIPSA-LAB, Grenoble

Vocal tract biomechanics and regularities in speech production


Basbøll, Hans

University of Southern Denmark

What kind of (epi?)phenomenon is sonority? Universal Logic of Segment Types as a framework for studying phonotactic patterns

Bradfield, Julian

University of Edinburgh

Phonetic universals -- abstract structure vs. fine detail

Brandstätter, Julia
Moosmüller, Sylvia

Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Intrinsic Vowel Duration in Standard Austrian German and Modern Standard Albanian

Carignan, Chris

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Lingual response to vowel nasalization

de Boer, Bart

University of Amsterdam

First formant difference for /i/ and /u/: A cross-linguistic study and an explanation

Dediu, Dan

MPI Nijmegen

Genetic biasing in language diversity and universals

Demolin, Didier

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Variations in the anatomic constraints on sound patterns

Dmitrieva, Olga

Stanford University

Universals in the distribution of geminate consonants and perception of consonant length

Giavazzi, Maria

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The phonetic underpinnings of prosodic conditioning

Kim, Hyunsoon

Hongik University Seoul

Nonrelease in preconsonantal plosives as a phonetic universal: A case study of MRI, acoustic and aerodynamic data on Korean plosives

McDonough, Joyce

University of Rochester

Re-examining the Athabaskan tonogenesis hypothesis: tonal dissmilation and tonogenesis.

Scarborough, Rebecca
David Rood

University of Colorado

Phonetic and Phonological Patterns of Nasality in Lakota Vowels.

Shosted, Ryan

University of Illinois

When good oral stops go bad: Voicing, nasality, and oral obstruency

Simpson, Adrian

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Epiphenomenal ejectives and the production of ‘true’ ejectives?

van Leussen, Jan-Willem

University of Amsterdam

Modeling self-organization in consonant inventories

Winter, Bodo
Grawunder, Sven


The Frequency Code Revisited: Are the Universalist Claims Substantiated?

Zee, Eric
Lee, Wai-Sum

City University of Hong Kong

Phonetic Typology of the Consonants of Chinese Dialects

Zygis, Marzena
Jaye Padgett

ZAS, Berlin
University of California, Santa Cruz

The role of contrast in sibilant inventories