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Past Events


04. November 2013

Cultural evolution within and across language: big data, the language barrier and a new field of study"

Speaker: Gregory Crane (University of Leipzig & Tufts University, Boston)


16. October 2013

The Yukaghir Interjections and Russian, Yakut and Even influence

Speaker: Samona Kurilova (Institute of Humanities and North minority Peoples' Problems, Yakutsk, Russia / MPI-EVA)


10. October 2013

Language transparency. A typological study of interface simplicity

Speaker: Sterre Leufkens (University of Amsterdam & MPI-EVA)


09. October 2013

Toward an integrated typology of causative/applicative syncretism

Speaker: Bradley McDonnell (University of California, Santa Barbara & MPI-EVA)


11. September 2013

The role of preadolescents and adolescents in contact-induced change: intentionality and effect

Speaker: Malcolm Ross (Australian National University & MPI-EVA)


22. August 2013

The role of positive evidence in breaking the speech code

Speaker: Alan Langus (SISSA – International School for Advances Studies, Trieste Italy)


21. August 2013

Modern Japanese transitivity pairs from a frequency perspective

Speaker: Heiko Narrog (Tohoku University, Sendai) & Prashant Pardeshi (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tokyo)


15. August 2013 - 18. August 2013

Association for Linguistic Typology 10th Biennial Conference (ALT 10)

Speaker: Please consult website



08. August 2013

Agreement, Word Order and Case in the Western Iranian Languages

Speaker: Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam (Allameh Tabataba'i University & MPI-EVA)


01. August 2013

Spanish-English contact in Southern California: An ecological view

Speaker: Fred Field (California State University, Northridge & MPI-EVA)


25. July 2013

"The Development of Ablaut in Sumatran Malay"

Speaker: Timothy McKinnon, Peter Cole & Gabriella Hermon (U Delaware & MPI-EVA (Jakarta field station)


16. July 2013

Word-class-based and construction-based approaches to language description

Speaker: William Croft (University of New Mexico / MPI-EVA


12. July 2013

An unreliable typology of DP versus NP

Speaker: Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse University & MPI-EVA)


08. July 2013

Cormac Anderson University of Leipzig "Problems of Celtic phonology in comparative perspective" Montag, 8. Juli, 15 Uhr

Speaker: Cormac Anderson (University of Leipzig)


28. June 2013

Aspects of the diachronic typology of non-canonical subjects

Speaker: Ilja A. Seržant (University of Konstanz)


24. June 2013

"Transitivity, corpus linguistics and language typology"

Speaker: José M. García-Miguel (University of Vigo / MPI-EVA)


21. June 2013

Morphomes for typologists

Speaker: Greville C. Corbett (Surrey Morphology Group/MPI-EVA)


10. June 2013

Workshop on electronic dictionaries of minor languages Workshop at the Department of Linguistics

Speaker: Martin Haspelmath et al.



04. June 2013

S/TAM/P Morphs in the Macro-Sudan Belt

Speaker: Gregory D. S. Anderson (Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages (Oregon) & University of South Africa (UNISA))


29. April 2013

Towards ethnogrammar

Speaker: Daniel Everett (Bentley University, Massachusetts)


29. April 2013

The grammar of happiness

Speaker: Daniel Everett (Bentley University, Massachusetts)


10. April 2013

Multilingual behaviours in sign language users

Speaker: Ulrike Zeshan (University of Central Lancashire, International Centre for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies)


04. April 2013

Genome-wide data substantiate Holocene gene flow from India to Australia

Speaker: Irina Pugach and Mark Stoneking


28. March 2013

Semantic and Syntactic Bootstrapping and the Formation of Grammatical Categories: Arguments from Tolai of New Britain

Speaker: William A. Foley (University of Sydney)


08. March 2013

On the relationship between articulatory, acoustic and perceptual properties of vowels and its consequence for annotating the timber of vowels

Speaker: Jacqueline Vaissière (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle & CNRS-LPP)


03. December 2012

Referential markers in Oceanic nominalized constructions

Speaker: Claire Moyse-Faurie (Lacito-CNRS, Paris)


29. November 2012 - 01. December 2012

Workshop "Mainland Southeast Asian Languages: The State of the Art in 2012"

Speaker: Please consult workshop website given below.



26. November 2012

Session on Southern New Guinea languages

Speaker: Nicholas Evans & Christian Döhler


20. November 2012

Cross-linguistic diversity and patterns of variation in primate tool use: Drawing the analogy

Speaker: Anneliese Kuhle (Freie Universität Berlin)


12. November 2012

(Non)-Parasitic Mirativity and Markedness

Speaker: Tyler Peterson (University of Toronto)


18. October 2012

Yeniseian historical linguistics

Speaker: Edward Vajda (Western Washington University & MPI-EVA)


10. October 2012

A Construction Grammar perspective on how word order is established in creole genesis

Speaker: Claire Lefebvre and Renée Lambert-Brétière (Université du Québec à Montréal)


28. September 2012 - 29. September 2012

Workshop: Tone: Theory and Practice

Speaker: Please consult website for more information.



24. September 2012

Markedness effects in valency alternations

Speaker: Andrej Malchukov (University of Mainz & MPI-EVA)


21. September 2012

Designing spoken corpora for cross-linguistic research in lesser-known languages

Speaker: Amina Mettouchi (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris & MPI-EVA)


17. September 2012

Causatives in Marathi

Speaker: Prashant Pardeshi (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tokyo & MPI-EVA)


31. August 2012

Khoisan comparative phonology

Speaker: Hirosi Nakagawa (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan / MPI-EVA)


29. August 2012

Sound change across generations: the rise of vowel neutralisation in the North Russian variety

Speaker: Alexander Krasovitsky (University of Oxford & University of Surrey & Humboldt Foundation)


27. August 2012

Japanese transitivity pairs through time

Speaker: Heiko Narrog (Tohoku University, Sendai & MPI-EVA)


24. August 2012

Documenting Laz, an endangered language

Speaker: René Lacroix (Université Paris 3 & MPI-EVA)


22. August 2012

Complex sentences: Clause order, syntactic structure, and grammaticalization

Speaker: Holger Diessel & Karsten Schmidtke-Bode (University of Jena)


09. August 2012

The interaction of state, prosody and linear order in Kabyle (Berber): Grammatical relations and information structure

Speaker: Amina Mettouchi (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris & MPI-EVA)


02. August 2012

What sound change, phonotactics and aglossic speech reveal about the essence of speech communication

Speaker: John J. Ohala (University of California, Berkeley)


25. July 2012

Natural selection in morphosyntax: How attractor states persist and expand diachronically

Speaker: Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley & MPI-EVA)


20. July 2012

Word-Shape Alternations in Sumatran Malay

Speaker: Timothy Mckinnon, Peter Cole & Gabriella Hermon (University of Delaware / MPI-EVA (Jakarta field station)


20. July 2012

Computational Geolinguistics and Diasystemic Modelling of Meso-American Languages: Scope and Results

Speaker: Jean Léo Léonard (Paris 3-CNRS & IUF) & Vittorio dell’Aquila (CELE, Milan & Vaasa)


18. July 2012

Combinatorial model of Russian intonation (to be held in Russian)

Speaker: Sandro Kodzasov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology, Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics)


16. July 2012

The Diachrony of 'say' in Jamaican Creole: The Convergence of Theories of Creolisation

Speaker: Joseph Farquharson (University of the West Indies & MPI-EVA)


12. July 2012

Pseudo-incorporation doesn't preclude incorporation

Speaker: Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse University & MPI-EVA)


11. July 2012

Jesuit Grammarians in the Chaco: Their Analytical Strengths and Weaknesses

Speaker: Willem de Reuse (University of North Texas & MPI-EVA) (in collaboration with Raoul Zamponi, University of Macerata)


10. July 2012

Laryngeal-pharyngeal ontogeny: Speech in the first several months

Speaker: John Esling (University of Victoria, British Columbia)


09. July 2012

Typological Diversity in Anaphoric Systems

Speaker: Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon and Yanti (U Delaware & MPI-EVA (Jakarta fieldstation))


03. July 2012

What is gained from documentation of some languages in the Chaco (Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina)?

Speaker: Lyle Campbell (U Hawai'i)


02. July 2012

"Workshop on language cataloguing and language reference collections"

Speaker: Martin Haspelmath (MPI-EVA), Sebastian Nordhoff (MPI-EVA), Harald Hammarström (MPI-EVA & U Nijmegen), Gisela Lausberg (MPI-EVA library), Lyle Campbell (U Hawai'i, ELCat), Debbie Garside (GeoLang Ltd, Wales), Jost Gippert (U Frankfurt/Main)


27. June 2012

"Auxiliary verbs in languages of the Tarahumara area: A typological continuum of internal diversity"

Speaker: Zarina Estrada (University of Sonora, Mexico, and MPI-EVA)


25. June 2012

"Mediaeval conceptions of time and Old Croatian verb lexical aspect (aktionsart) in the Slavic context"

Speaker: Amir Kapetanović (Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Zagreb & MPI-EVA)


15. June 2012

"How do languages keep their selves straight?"

Speaker: David Kamholz (UC Berkeley)


12. June 2012

"A semantic typology of complement insubordination"

Speaker: An Van linden (Catholic University of Leuven & MPI-EVA) (in collaboration with Jean-Christophe Verstraete & Sarah d’Hertefelt)


11. June 2012

"Languages with more second language speakers tend to have reduced case systems"

Speaker: Bodo Winter (University of California, Merced / MPI-EVA)


30. May 2012

"The cultural dimension of pidgin and creole genesis"

Speaker: Christine Jourdan (Concordia University, Montreal)


22. May 2012

"Speaker perspective as a catalyst for change in case systems"

Speaker: Shobhana L. Chelliah (University of North Texas)


09. May 2012

"Mood and modality in Zamucoan languages (Bolivia and Paraguay)"

Speaker: Luca Ciucci (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa & MPI-EVA)


28. April 2012

Morphological complexity: Workshop on Diachrony



27. April 2012

Anna Siewierska Memorial Workshop



16. April 2012

"On nominal and verbal morphology in Harakmbut (Amazonian, Peru)"

Speaker: An Van linden (Catholic University of Leuven & MPI-EVA)


27. March 2012

"The effect of linguistic distance on learning Dutch as a second language: towards feature configurations in L2 learnability"

Speaker: Job Schepens (Radboud University, MPI Nijmegen / MPI-EVA)


21. March 2012

The antipassive function of the middle forms in a cross-linguistic perspective

Speaker: Katarzyna Janic (University of Lyon & MPI-EVA)


20. March 2012

Phonology of two Eastern Tukanoan (Amazonian) languages in typological perspective

Speaker: Elsa Gomez-Imbert (Université de Toulouse & ERSS)


14. March 2012

Tense-Aspect-Modality and evidential categories in Chechen

Speaker: Zarina Molochieva (University of California, Berkeley & MPI-EVA)


16. February 2012

"Learning, Skill and Language: Acquisition and Dissolution"

Speaker: Henri Cohen (MPI-EVA)


13. February 2012

"Is Ts'ixa (Eastern Kalahari Khoe) a case language?"

Speaker: Anne-Maria Fehn (Universität zu Köln)


13. February 2012

“Say What?”: Grammaticalization Paths of Say in some Formosan and Philippines Languages

Speaker: Lawrence A. Reid (University of Hawai‘i)


09. February 2012

The Development of “Applicative” Constructions in Western Austronesian Languages: Toward a Comparison and Reconstruction

Speaker: Ritsuko Kikusawa (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan & The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan)


06. February 2012

"Historical, Darwinian and contemporary perspectives on the evolution of language"

Speaker: Henri Cohen (MPI-EVA)


02. February 2012

"The Lexical Typology of Qualities"

Speaker: Ekaterina Rakhilina (Institute for Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences) & Tatiana Reznikova (VINITI, Russian Academy of Sciences)


30. January 2012

Position classes re-evaluated

Speaker: Barbara Stiebels (ZAS Berlin/Universität Leipzig)


26. January 2012

"When is ‘regular sound change’ regular?"

Speaker: Mark Donohue (Australian National University/MPI-EVA)


23. January 2012

Towards a Cross-Disciplinary Prehistory? What Linguists Can Learn from Archaeologists — And What They Can Learn from Us …

Speaker: Paul Heggarty & David Beresford-Jones (MPI-EVA)


18. January 2012

"Towards a Typology of Countability: Grammatical Number in Dagaare (Gur, Ghana) and Beyond"

Speaker: Scott Grimm (Stanford University/Humboldt University Berlin)


15. December 2011

Bremen-Leipzig Meeting



12. December 2011

"Towards new large scale models of a functional neuroanatomy of language"

Speaker: Henri Cohen (Université du Québec à Montreal/MPI-EVA)


05. December 2011

The most resistant Arawakan feature: the person marking paradigm?

Speaker: Swintha Danielsen (University of Leipzig)


30. November 2011 - 01. December 2011

Third conference of the "European Network for the Study of Andean Languages"



27. November 2011 - 29. November 2011

Population Prehistory of the Andes: A Cross-Disciplinary Conspectus



24. November 2011

The "Occupy Prefix " Movement in the Western Apache verb

Speaker: Willem de Reuse (University of North Texas/MPI-EVA)


09. November 2011

"A couple of morphologies: verb structure and argument alternations in Maltese"

Speaker: Michael Spagnol (University of Konstanz/MPI-EVA)


03. November 2011 - 04. November 2011

Potentials of Language Documentation: Methods, Analyses, and Utilization



17. October 2011

Lexical Competition and Language Evolution

Speaker: Andreea Calude, University of Reading, UK


10. October 2011

On the typology of differential object marking and differential object indexation: a case study on the syntax-information structure interface

Speaker: Giorgio Iemmolo, University of Pavia/University of Zurich


05. October 2011

The syntax of yes and no

Speaker: Anders Holmberg, Newcastle University, GB


13. September 2011

The passive and related constructions in Marathi (Indo-Aryan)

Speaker: Prashant Pardeshi, NINJAL Tokyo


26. August 2011

Language Endangerment and Documentation in Sudan

Speaker: Abdel Rahim Mugaddam, University of Khartoum, Sudan


26. July 2011

Kana Passives in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) Malay

Speaker: Gabriella Hermon & Peter Cole (University of Delaware)


13. July 2011

Exploring finiteness and non-finiteness in Pima Bajo (Uto-Aztecan)

Speaker: Zarina Estrada (University of Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico)


11. July 2011

Diagnosing contact processes from their outcomes: How far can we go?

Speaker: Malcolm Ross (Australian National University/MPI-EVA)


30. June 2011

Aspectual system in Thai: A corpus-based study

Speaker: Kachen Tansiri (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok)


28. June 2011

Prepositions and articles in Kara, an Oceanic language of New Ireland

Speaker: Matthew S. Dryer (University at Buffalo)


27. June 2011

Spatial Semantics in Dene Chipewyan (Athapaskan) and Eipomek (Trans-New Guinea)

Speaker: Martin Thiering (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin & MPIWG)


15. June 2011

Lexical Root classes in Yuhup (Nadahup family, Amazonia)

Speaker: Ana Maria Ospina (National University of Colombia)


30. May 2011

A response to Dunn et al's paper in Nature on word order correlations

Speaker: Matthew Dryer (University at Buffalo)


18. May 2011

Paradigms: representing and understanding

Speaker: Greville Corbett (Surrey)


13. May 2011 - 15. May 2011

Conference on Caucasian languages



20. April 2011

The morphosyntax of nominal suffixation in Chamacoco

Speaker: Luca Ciucci (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)


14. April 2011 - 17. April 2011

Conference on Valency Classes in the World's Languages



25. March 2011

Learnable and unlearnable languages

Speaker: Kees Hengeveld (Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication)


09. March 2011

Subordination strategies in South American languages: an interim report

Speaker: Rik van Gijn (Radboud University Nijmegen/MPI-EVA)


12. February 2011 - 13. February 2011

"Conference on Electronic Grammaticography"



28. January 2011

Technical infrastructure for comparative linguistics and linguistic fieldwork: some cases studies

Speaker: Steven Moran (University of Michigan & LMU Munich)


24. January 2011

Lexical stress in Wichí (Mataco-Mataguayan, Argentina) and its interactions with word formation processes

Speaker: Verónica Nercesian (Universidad Nacional de Formosa, Argentina/MPI-EVA)


13. December 2010

The hierarchical function of cardinal and ordinal numerals

Speaker: Maksym Gorshenin (University of Bremen/MPI-EVA)


03. December 2010

Mini-colloquium on Cashinahua

Speaker: Eliane Camargo, Philippe Erikson & Barbara Keifenheim


29. November 2010

An atlas of language contacts in Daghestan: a pilot project

Speaker: Mikhail Daniel (Moscow State University) & Nina Dobrushina (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)


23. November 2010 - 25. November 2010




11. November 2010 - 14. November 2010

"APiCS Conference"



10. November 2010

"Workshop on Sri Lanka Malay"



31. October 2010 - 01. November 2010

Workshop on the Acquisition of Ergativity



29. October 2010 - 30. October 2010

"Conference on Phonetic Universals"



04. October 2010

"Nominalized constructions in Uto-Aztecan languages from Sonora (Northwestern Mexico) with special attention to Pima Bajo."

Speaker: Zarina Estrada (University of Sonora, Mexico)


17. September 2010 - 19. September 2010

"Conference on Language Classification" (The First Conference on ASJP and Language Prehistory (ALP-I))



15. September 2010

"Split-P soup: grammatical relations in Taba, an Austronesian language of Halmahera"

Speaker: John Bowden (MPI-EVA/Jakarta Field Station)


13. September 2010

"Impact of human vocal fold vibratory asymmetries on acoustic characteristics of vowel phonation"

Speaker: Daryush Mehta (Harvard University/ Massachusetts General Hospital)


06. September 2010

"Phonetic iconicity in evaluative morphology from a cross-linguistic perspective"

Speaker: Pavol Štekauer & Lívia Körtvélyessy (P. J. Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia)


21. August 2010

Workshop on Valency Classes



15. August 2010 - 03. September 2010

Summer School on Linguistic Typology



23. July 2010

"Nouns and Verbs in Kerinci Malay"

Speaker: Gabriella Hermon & Peter Cole (University of Delaware / MPI-EVA)


22. July 2010

"Suspended affixation and identical verb ellipsis: Directionality and word order in Turkish coordination"

Speaker: Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse University / MPI-EVA)


21. July 2010

"Analysis of the spatial nominals 'back', 'front' and 'side' in Savosavo (Non-Austronesian, Solomon Islands)"

Speaker: Aurélie Cauchard (University of Manchester / MPI-EVA)


12. July 2010

"Positional slots in serial verb constructions, data from Ughele (Solomon Islands)"

Speaker: Benedicte Haraldstad Frostad (Radboud University, Nijmegen)


22. June 2010

"The lexical semantics of English speech-act verbs (and the implications for lexical typology)"

Speaker: Cliff Goddard (University of New England, Australia / MPI-EVA)


21. June 2010

"Loanword integration and the role of productivity: A cross-linguistic perspective"

Speaker: Francesco Gardani (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)


08. June 2010

"Argument marking in lower Munda"

Speaker: Arun Kumar Ghosh (University of Burdwan, India & MPI-EVA)


20. May 2010

"Actance en cachinawa"

Speaker: Eliane Camargo (CNRS-CELIA Paris/Université de Paris X)


05. May 2010

"Linguistics, molecular anthropology, and the spread of Slavic"

Speaker: Julia McAnallen (University of California, Berkeley / MPI-EVA)


03. May 2010

"The evolution of the Na-Dene verb template"

Speaker: Jeff Leer (Alaska Native Language Center / MPI-EVA)


20. April 2010

NSM perspectives on lexical typology, with special reference to English verbs of physical activity

Speaker: Cliff Goddard (University of New England, Armidale/MPI-EVA)


19. April 2010

"Reconstructing a passive in Proto-Oceanic"

Speaker: René van den Berg (Papua New Guinea)


06. April 2010

"Objective diagnosis of voice disorders by quantitative analysis of laryngeal high-speed recordings"

Speaker: Dipl.-Inf. Daniel Voigt (University Hospital Erlangen, Department of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology, Computational Medicine Research Group)


29. March 2010

"The vertical archipelago in typology: Altitude, population size, and complexity in the Caucasus"

Speaker: Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley & MPI-EVA)


24. March 2010

"Contact-induced change beyond the lexicon: a comparison of some heavily borrowing languages"

Speaker: Anthony Grant (Edge Hill University, UK)


15. March 2010

An overview of the grammatical features of Ayoreo (Bolivia/Paraguay)

Speaker: Pier Marco Bertinetto (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa & MPI-EVA)


08. March 2010

A usage-based theory of grammatical status and grammaticalization

Speaker: Kasper Boye (University of Copenhagen)


01. March 2010

"Tonosyntax in Dogon (Mali)"

Speaker: Jeffrey Heath (University of Michigan)


04. February 2010

"Towards a typology of case in head-marking languages"

Speaker: Peter Arkadiev (Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences / Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow / MPI-EVA)


27. January 2010

"Quantifying inner form"

Speaker: Bernhard Wälchli (University of Berne)


06. January 2010

"Languages of southern New Guinea: a first field report"

Speaker: Nicholas Evans (Australian National University)


16. December 2009

"Language contact in eastern central India: Jharkhand as a Sprachbund"

Speaker: John Peterson (University of Leipzig)


04. December 2009

"Searching for the place of Tapiete within the Tupí-Guaraní language family: some data on reduplication"

Speaker: Hebe González (Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina)


23. November 2009

"Word classes in Sliammon Salish"

Speaker: Honoré Watanabe (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)


23. November 2009

"The case for Akedoid (in West Benue-Congo)"

Speaker: Benjamin Elugbe (Ibadan, Nigeria / MPI-EVA)


04. November 2009

Relational Verbs of Alaskan Yupik Eskimo — the warp and weft of its morphosyntax

Speaker: Osahito Miyaoka


02. November 2009

"Approaching the morphosyntax of non-finite verb forms"

Speaker: Peter Juul Nielsen (Roskilde Universitet / MPI-EVA)


30. October 2009

"Laughter as a non-verbal vocalisation - from primates to human spoken interaction"

Speaker: Dr. Jürgen Trouvain (Universität Saarbrücken / Universität Luxemburg)


28. October 2009

"SO THERE! Manner deixis as a source of semantic change and grammaticalization: Some tentative generalizations"

Speaker: Ekkehard König (Freie Universität Berlin & MPI-EVA)


27. October 2009

"Conflicts and their resolutions in syntactic theory"

Speaker: Edith A. Moravcsik (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee & MPI-EVA)


02. September 2009

Topics in the Phonetics of South American Languages

Speaker: Didier Demolin (Université Libre de Bruxelles)


27. August 2009

"A typological feature of Khoisan phonotactics: a case study of G|ui"

Speaker: Hirosi Nakagawa (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / MPI-EVA)


24. August 2009

"A linguistic geography of the south-western Niger-Benue confluence area"

Speaker: Benjamin Elugbe (University of Ibadan/MPI-EVA)


05. August 2009

Linguistic and imagistic representations of motion events

Speaker: Kawai Chui (National Chengchi University, Taipei)


04. August 2009

"Jointly inherited or just borrowed? A case study of structural transfer between three closely related languages in contact (Romanian, Castilian, Valencian)"

Speaker: Kim Schulte (University of Exeter/MPI-EVA)


15. July 2009

"Object Agreement and Extraction in Tanjung Pauh Mudik Kerinci"

Speaker: Gabriella Hermon & Peter Cole (University of Delaware/MPI-EVA)


08. July 2009

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of historical documents in Tarahumara

Speaker: Zarina Estrada Fernández & Aarón Grageda Bustamente (University of Sonora, Mexico / MPI-EVA)


24. June 2009

"The grammar of positive and negative purpose: Towards a usage-based typology"

Speaker: Karsten Schmidtke (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)


15. June 2009

Factorizing lexical relatedness

Speaker: Andrew Spencer (Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex)


28. May 2009

The Great Lexical Type Shift from verb-based to noun-based in Slavic

Speaker: Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley)


19. May 2009

On the order of demonstrative, numeral, adjective, and noun: an alternative to Cinque

Speaker: Matthew Dryer, Recipient of a Humboldt Research Award, University at Buffalo


07. May 2009

Матричное исследование сложного предлож

Speaker: Rasul Mutalov (Daghestan State University, Makhachkala, Russia)


30. April 2009

Music and Language. ...wie die Zeit vergeht...

Speaker: Helena López Palma, University of La Coruña


30. April 2009

Greenberg’s tetrachoric table revisited

Speaker: Bingfu Lu, Shanghai Normal University


22. April 2009

Agentless transitive verbs in Georgian

Speaker: Kevin Tuite, Université de Montréal, Canada


17. April 2009

Linguistic cycles in language change: head and dependent marking, tense-mood-aspect and negatives

Speaker: Elly van Gelderen, Arizona State University, USA


04. February 2009

Hallmarks of Ossetic syntax: clitics, wh-movement, negation

Speaker: David Erschler (The Independent University of Moscow)


17. January 2009 - 18. January 2009

The Swadesh Centenary Conference



15. October 2008

Language Contact along the Sepik River

Speaker: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (RCLT, La Trobe University, Australia)


08. October 2008

Language, archeology and genes: A new methodology for the ‘new synthesis’

Speaker: Paul Heggarty, University of Cambridge


27. August 2008

Typical behaviors of some frequent phonologically active classes

Speaker: Jeff Mielke (University of Ottawa)


06. August 2008

Khoe perception verbs: "It tastes like a lion's roar.

Speaker: Hirosi Nakagawa (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)


29. July 2008

Change in kinship and marriage systems and its reflection in languages and genes

Speaker: Patrick McConvell


14. July 2008

"Clause combining in Pima Bajo (Uto-Aztecan)"

Speaker: Zarina Estrada (University of Sonora, Mexico)


09. July 2008

"On the absence of number and counting in Pirahã: the relative roles of culture and language in cognitive technology"

Speaker: Daniel L. Everett (Illinois State University, Normal)


26. June 2008

"The Cyclops. Typological Observations on Asia Minor Greek"

Speaker: Mark Janse (Ghent University)


23. June 2008

"Another verb-second SOV language"

Speaker: Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley)


18. June 2008

"The Order of Verbal Affixes and Functional Structure in Imbabura Quichua"

Speaker: Peter Cole and Gabriella Hermon (University of Delaware/MPI EVA)


09. June 2008

Experiments in Morphological Evolution

Speaker: Richard Sproat (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


26. May 2008

"Substrate features in the properties of verbs in three Atlantic creoles: Haitian Creole, Saramaccan and Papiamentu"

Speaker: Claire Lefebvre (Universié du Québec à Montréal)


21. May 2008

How to Model Spread: the case of "doch"

Speaker: Henk Zeevat (University of Amsterdam)


19. May 2008

"The penumbra of morphosyntactic feature systems"

Speaker: Greville G. Corbett (University of Surrey)


11. April 2008

"First and second person nominal subjects"

Speaker: Marcel Erdal (University of Frankfurt/Main)


26. March 2008 - 04. April 2008



17. March 2008

"Towards a typology of polar interrogatives"

Speaker: Matti Miestamo (University of Helsinki)


20. February 2008

"Register and terminance in the phonology of Kri (Vietic, Laos)"

Speaker: Nick Enfield Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen)


18. February 2008

"Remoteness distinctions in tense-aspect systems"

Speaker: Östen Dahl (Stockholms Universitet)


13. February 2008

"Qualifying strategies in Kabyle (Berber): between verbiness and nouniness"

Speaker: Amina Mettouchi (Université de Nantes and Institut Universitaire de France)


12. February 2008

"The (ir)reality of directives"

Speaker: Caterina Mauri (University of Pavia) & Andrea Sansò (Insubria University, Como)


11. February 2008

"Counting entities and counting processes in Gawwada (Cushitic)"

Speaker: Mauro Tosco (Università di Napoli "L'Orientale"/MPI-EVA)


22. January 2008

"Non-topical subjects in Molalla (Oregon) and the typology of 'passive' constructions"

Speaker: Nicholas J. Pharris (University of Michigan/MPI-EVA)


09. January 2008

"Who does what to whom in Magdalena (Itonama; Isolate, Bolivia)"

Speaker: Mily Crevels (Radboud University/MPI-EVA)


19. December 2007

"Mixed categories in Tungus and beyond: between nouns and adjectives"

Speaker: Irina Nikolaeva (SOAS, London)


07. December 2007 - 09. December 2007

"Conference on the Languages of the Caucasus"



05. December 2007

"Words and 'bound phrases' in special reference to Eskimo and Japanese"

Speaker: Osahito Miyaoka (Osaka Gakuin University/MPI-EVA)


23. November 2007 - 25. November 2007

"Conference on ditransitive constructions"



22. November 2007

"Production of Turkish relative clauses in first language acquisition"

Speaker: Gabriella Hermon (University of Delaware/MPI-EVA) & Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse University/MPI-EVA)


07. November 2007

"Diachronic Typology of Applicative Constructions in Austronesian Languages"

Speaker: Ritsuko Kikusawa (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka)


06. November 2007

"Inclusory Constructions and Their Development in Philippine Languages"

Speaker: Lawrence Reid (University of Hawai'i)


02. November 2007

"Hierarchy variation in the Algonquian family"

Speaker: Thomas Wier (University of Chicago/MPI-EVA)


25. October 2007

"Distributional patterns of parts-of-speech classes and dependent clauses"

Speaker: Eva van Lier (University of Amsterdam/MPI-EVA)


23. October 2007

"Anatomy of Polysynthetic Word Formation in Nuuchahnulth"

Speaker: Toshihide Nakayama (ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)


16. October 2007

"Verbal system of Enets (Northern Samoyedic)"

Speaker: Anna Yu. Urmanchieva (Institute of Linguistics, Moscow)


21. September 2007

"Functions of the Bǎ-construction in Mandarin: In the light of typology of resultative constructions"

Speaker: Picus Sizhi Ding (Macao Polytechnic Institute)


13. September 2007

"Reexamining the principle of temporal sequence: a dynamic view"

Speaker: Zhang Min (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology/MPI-EVA)


04. September 2007 - 07. September 2007

"The 5th Conference of the European Association of Chinese Linguistics (EACL-5)"



09. August 2007

"Typological variation in the ergative domain in the Iranian languages"

Speaker: Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam (Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran/MPI-EVA)


09. July 2007

"Relative clauses in Pima Bajo (Uto-Aztecan; Mexico)"

Speaker: Zarina Estrada (University of Sonora, Hermosillo/MPI-EVA)


22. June 2007 - 23. June 0000

Nouns cross-linguistically



20. June 2007

"The historical semantics of English _must_"

Speaker: David Kamholz (MPI-EVA)


14. June 2007

Substrate Reinforcement and the Retention of Pan-Pacific Pidgin Features in Modern Contact Languages

Speaker: Jeffrey Siegel, University of New England (Armidale New South Wales, Australia)


08. June 2007

Multilingualism and polyethnicity in Arch (Daghestan): Data from a sociolinguistic questionnaire

Speaker: Nina Dobrushina (State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow)


30. May 2007

"Morphosyntactic features: issues in typology and theory"

Speaker: Greville Corbett (University of Surrey)


22. May 2007

"Remo Phonology: Some preliminary observations"

Speaker: Arun Ghosh (The University of Burdwan, India)


10. May 2007 - 13. May 2007

"Language Contact and the Dynamics of Language: Theory and Implications"



08. May 2007 - 09. May 2007

Loanword Typology Workshop


27. April 2007

"Linguistic divergence in South Asia: the case of finite complementizers"

Speaker: Manideepa Patnaik (Institute of Language, Literature and Culture, Bhubaneswar, India)


12. April 2007 - 14. April 2007

"Language Complexity as an Evolving Variable"



02. April 2007

"Workshop on Typological Databases"



19. March 2007

"An interpretive history of phonological science"

Speaker: John Ohala (University of California, Berkeley)


26. February 2007

"Exploring the sources of correlations in crosslinguistic and lexical sound frequencies"

Speaker: Andy Wedel (University of Arizona)


20. February 2007

"Constructing semantic maps from parallel text data"

Speaker: Bernhard Wälchli (Universität Konstanz)


14. February 2007

"The interaction of the definite article with the case system in Basque"

Speaker: Julen Manterola Agirre (University of the Basque Country)


06. February 2007

"On the diachronic development of the verbal system in Basque"

Speaker: Céline Mounole Hiriart-Urruty (University of the Basque Country)


14. December 2006

Spoken discourse and natural grammar

Speaker: Andrej A. Kibrik MPI-EVA/Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


01. December 2006

"Agriculture, animal protein, and the balance of power in pre-Columbian North America"

Speaker: Richard Rhodes (University of California at Berkeley)


27. October 2006

"Japanese and the Altaic controversy"

Speaker: Martine Robbeets (University of Mainz)


26. September 2006

"Assumptions about correlations of contact phenomena in some heavy borrowing languages: the Swadesh list and beyond"

Speaker: Anthony Grant (Edgehill University, UK)


20. September 2006

"Compartmentalized grammar: the variable (non)-integration of Turkish verbal conjugation in Romani dialects"

Speaker: Victor Friedman (University of Chicago)


19. September 2006

"A linear order preference from the point of view of linguistic complexity"

Speaker: Kaius Sinnemäki (University of Helsinki)


14. September 2006

"From documentation to computation"

Speaker: Steven Moran (University of Washington)


06. September 2006

"The diachrony of desideratives in Turkic"

Speaker: Olesya Khanina (MPI-EVA)


16. August 2006

"Aspects of the verb morphology of Itonama (isolate, Bolivia)"

Speaker: Mily Crevels (MPI-EVA)


24. July 2006

"Evolutionary stability in syntax: the case of information structure"

Speaker: Elena Maslova (Stanford University, California & Universität Bielefeld)


24. July 2006

"Contact-induced word order change without word order change"

Speaker: Bernd Heine (Universität zu Köln)


21. July 2006

"Syllable reduction in Motuna (South Bougainville family, Papua New Guinea)"

Speaker: Masayuki Onishi (MPI-EVA)


11. July 2006

"The substrate hypothesis and creole typology"

Speaker: Silvia Kouwenberg (University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica/MPI-EVA)


10. July 2006

"Language attrition and remembering: the case of Vilela (Argentina)"

Speaker: Lucía Golluscio (U Buenos Aires/MPI-EVA)


23. June 2006

"Why Proto-Berber was indeed Marked Nominative or The genesis of a factoid: A response to Galand, Aikhenvald, and König"

Speaker: Orin Gensler (MPI-EVA)


08. May 2006

"Diversity of cases: Using the World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)"

Speaker: Masahiko Nose (Tohoku University, Japan/MPI-EVA)


26. April 2006

" 'Want' clauses in Evenki (Tungusic, Siberia)"

Speaker: Igor Nedjalkov (University of St. Petersburg/MPI-EVA)


25. April 2006


Speaker: Mikael Parkvall (Stockholm University/MPI-EVA)


24. April 2006

"A typology of relative clauses in Mainland Southeast Asian languages"

Speaker: Natchanan Yaowapat & Amara Prasithrathsint (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok)


20. April 2006

"Principia Creolica"

Speaker: Mikael Parkvall (Stockholm University/MPI-EVA)


18. April 2006

"To é or not to é: the distribution of nominal markers in several languages of western Indonesia"

Speaker: Thomas J. Conners (MPI-Jakarta Field Station/Yale University)


13. April 2006

"The current Classification of the Sinitic languages and the mutual unintelligibility of the numeral systems amongst the Sinitic languages"

Speaker: Eugene Chan (Hong Kong/MPI-EVA)


29. March 2006 - 01. April 2006

"Rara & Rarissima — Collecting and interpreting unusual characteristics of human languages"

Speaker: Larry Hyman (University of California, Berkeley) Frans Plank (Universität Konstanz) Ian Maddieson (University of California, Berkeley) Dan Everett (University of Manchester)



25. March 2006 - 26. March 2006

"Leipzig Students Conference in Linguistics"


20. March 2006 - 28. March 2006

"Leipzig Spring School on Linguistic Diversity"