27.05.2015 - 13:51
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Interactions across time scales in speech perception

Flexibility is a key property of our perceptual system due to the richness and to the relative unpredictability of our environment. We investigate how flexible behavior can emerge from the interaction between fast perceptual dynamics, which adapt our perception to the environment "as fast as possible", with slower processes like habituation to the stimuli and learning. We plan to test some non trivial prediction raised by a nonlinear dynamical model of these interactions (Lancia and Winters, 2013). Also we use the model-guided parametrization of perceptual behavior to investigate the relations between perception of sounds without a linguistic content and sounds corresspondng to speech events.


Lancia, L. & Winters B. (2013). The interaction between competition, learning and habituation dynamics in speech perception, Journal of Laboratory Phonology, 4.1 (2013): 221-257.

Lancia, L. Non linear Dynamics of speech perception and perceptual learning: interaction across nested timescales. Twelfth Conference on Laboratory Phonology, Stuttgart, Germany, July 2012 (Poster presentation). 

Lancia, L., Nguyen N., Tuller, B.; Nonlinear dynamics in speech perception: critical fluctuations and critical slowing down; Acoustic '08, International Conference of the Acoustic Association of America, Paris, Paris, July 2008 (Poster presentation)

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