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Department of Linguistics

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Deutscher Platz 6
D-04103 Leipzig

phone: +49 (0) 341 3550 - 300
fax: +49 (0) 341 3550 - 333

e-mail: cissewski@[>>> Please remove the brackets! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Curriculum Vitae

Professional background

January 2001 -
Scientist, Northwest Iranian Language Project, Linguistics Department, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany.
June 1997 -
June 15, 2000
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Vafsi Language and Folk Tale Project, Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany.
Fall 1988 -
June 1996
Acting Assistant Professor, Persian Language and Middle Eastern Linguistics, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, University of Washington.
Winter 1992,
Winter 1991
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Areal Linguistics, Department of Anthropology, University of Washington.
Summer, 1992 Professor of Georgian, Summer Intensive Course in Georgian (150 hrs/8 wks), University of Washington.
1989 - 1991
Professor of Persian, Summer Intensive Course in Persian (150 hrs/8 wks), University of Utah, Portland State University, University of Pennsylvania.
Fall 1988 Consulting Linguist, Interface of Iranian and Turkic Languages, Middle East Center of the University of Pennsylvania, funded through Office of International Education, Title VI Grant. (see AWARDS)
Summer 1988 Participant, Research Group of Pashto Summer Institute, Research Foundation, University of Pennsylvania. (see AWARDS)
September 1982 -
June 1988
Assistant Professor, English as a Second Language, Reading Unit, English Department, Eugenio María de Hostos Community College of the City University of New York (C.U.N.Y.).
June 1979 -
August 1982
Free-Lance Tutor. Tutored English, facilitated American cultural adaptation withAfghan, Iranian and Russian professionals resident in the United States.
July 1977 -
June 1979
Grant Recipient. National Endowment for the Humanities grants to co-author two Persian language textbooks. (see AWARDS, PUBLICATIONS)
July 1970 -
July 1977
Assistant Professor, Persian Language and Iranian Linguistics, Department of Near Eastern Languages, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).
March 1976 -
August 1976
TrainingSpecialist, International Training Consultants (ITC of Iran). Innovated and conducted cross-cultural communication program for a multi-national staff of specialists in technology of education.
May 1969 -
February 1970
Director, English and Persian as a Second Language Programs, Tehran International High School. Hired, trained and supervised staff of nine teachers; taught classes (English to junior high school students and Persian to elementary school children); carried out administrative duties.
May 1966 -
September 1966
Coordinator, Persian Language Instruction, Peace Corps Training Project, Austin, Texas. Designed, implemented and administered entire program. Duties included recruitment, training, supervision of 11 teachers of Persian and 75 trainees, as well as development of proficiency-based language materials for 380 contact hours of Peace Corps Training.


1971 Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
1968 M.A., Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
1963 B.S., Languages (Major: Russian, Minor: French), Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
1962 Certificat d'études, Cours de Civilisation Française, Sorbonne, University of Paris.

Awards and grants

Summer 1988 Consulting Linguist, Research Group of Pashto Summer Institute, Research to Present Foundation, University of Pennsylvania. Fall-Spring funded by Office of International Education, Title VI Grant to the Middle East Center of the University of Pennsylvania.
September 1978 National Endowment for the Humanities, Higher Education Curriculum to June 1979 Development Grant, "Elementary Persian Text: Spoken and Written Modern Persian," with co-author J.W.Clinton, Princeton University. (see PUBLICATIONS).
December 1977 National Endowment for the Humanities, Higher Education Curriculum to June 1979 Development Grant to co-author "Modern Persian: Intermediate Level," with G.L. Windfuhr et al., University of Michigan.

Language skills : Reading proficiency

Native language English
Very Well Persian (including familiarity with Tajik), Russian, French
Well Spanish, Italian
High Intermediate Level German, Serbo-Croatian
Low Intermediate Level Armenian, Azerbaijani, Vafsi (Tati language)
Elementary Arabic, Georgian, Polish, Romanian, Romany, Mandarin Chinese, Modern Greek
Passive with some Active Knowledge Bulgarian, Turkish
Formal Study Russian, French, Persian, Sanskrit, Avestan, Old Persian, Middle Persian, Suleimanieh Kurdish, Tajik, Pashto, Arabic, Spanish, German, Basque
Alphabets Perso-Arabic, Cyrillic (including variants for Russian, Serbian, Tajik), Armenian, Georgian, Devanagari, Greek (with review work also: Hebrew, Middle Persian, Avestan)
Have also conducted field work on many Tatic, Central Plateau and Caspian languages, Northern and Central Central Kurdish, Zazaki/Dimli, Pashto