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Research Interest

Broadly, our research is focused on the evolution of social behaviour. In particular, we study the interplay between genetics, ecology, behaviour and fitness with a focus on primate species.

  • Dynamics of social bonds
  • Multimodal communication
  • Cooperation & Competition
  • Personality
  • Plasticity & Innovation


  • Relatedness & Kinship
  • Heritability
  • Genetic diversity
  • Gene regulation
  • Social environment
  • Environmental variation
  • Climate change
  • Human influence
  • Chemical ecology

  • Reproductive success
  • Inclusive fitness
  • Reproductive skew
  • Survival
  • Health, Parasites & Stress


Current projects

Multimodal communication

  1. Chemical signalling in Great Apes
  2. Olfaction in marmosets
  3. Chemical communication in meerkats
  4. Development of chemical sampling methods
  5. Development of facial similarity in rhesus macaques
  6. Does call structure reflect relatedness in rhesus macaques?


  1. Development of personality in rhesus macaques
  2. Personality and fitness in Sulawesi macaques

Social bonds

  1. Development of a dynamic sociality index
  2. Coalition formation and fitness in Sulawesi macaques
  3. Paternal effects on offspring fitness in Sulawesi and rhesus macaques
  4. Social causes and fitness consequences of dispersal in rhesus macaques

Reproductive success

  1. Variance in extra-group paternity in rhesus macaques
  2. Occurrence of inbreeding after extended genetic isolation
  3. Dynamics of reproductive skew in male rhesus macaques
  4. Determinants of male reproductive success when females are dominant, the case of vervet monkeys


  1. Heritability of dispersal patterns in rhesus macaques


  1. Evolution of Innovation across macaques