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Susann Schunack


Jänig, S.*, Kücklich, M.*, Weiß, B.M., Kulik, L., Birkemeyer, C. & Widdig, A. Chemical composition of body odour varies during the menstrual cycle of female chimpanzees. *equally contributed as first authors. Under review.

Birkemeyer, C., Thomsen, R., Jänig, S., Kücklich, M., Slama, A., Weiß, B.M. & Widdig, A. (2016) Sampling the body odor of primates: Cotton swabs sample semivolatiles rather than volatiles. Chemical Senses 41: 525-535.

Reise, H., Hutchinson, J.M.C., Schunack, S., Schlitt, B. Deroceras panormitanum and congeners from Malta and Sicily with a redescription of the widespread pest slug as Deroceras invadens n.sp. (2011); Folia Malacologica 19 (4): 201-223.