Max Planck Research Group on Plant Foods in Hominin Dietary Ecology

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Antje HutschenreutherI am biologist with botanical, biochemical and analytical background. My responsibilities in the group are daily lab organization and starch and phytolith analysis for the modern plant reference collection. This includes microscopy and morphologic description of starch grains and phytoliths as well as phytolith extraction and quantification. I am involved in projects concerning starch degradation in soil that comprise starch extraction from sediments and stone tools, starch quantification (microscopic and photometric) and microbiological experiments to asses soil microbial respiration and soil microbial composition. I also take part in the South Africa plant nutrition project by collection the plant samples, identification of plant species and processing the plant material. Collagen extraction and development and testing of new lab procedures and protocols also belong to my work.