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Célia Helena C. BoyadjianI am a short-term postdoctoral researcher in Plant Foods and Hominin Dietary Ecology Group, led by Dr Amanda Henry. In Brazil, where I came from, I am also associated to "Laboratório de Antropologia Biológica" from the department of "Genética e Biologia Evolutiva" at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), led by Sabine Eggers. I also work in collaboration with Rita Scheel-Ybert from Museu Nacional - UFRJ and Karl Reinhard, from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and their team.

I've been previously involved in paleopathology and palinology researches and also in educational projects related to bioarchaeology.

I am interested in paleodietary reconstructions and archaeobotany (mainly starch, phytoliths and pollen grains analysis). I've been studying plant microremains preserved in dental calculus from Brazilian Shell Mound (Sambaquis) groups for some years in order to investigate their use of plants, especially in diet.

I am currently studying sites from the coast of Peru in order to verify if it is possible to detect changes in the subsistence patterns across time with the analysis of dental calculus contents associated with data from oral pathology and paleopathology studies. I am also interested in verifying intragroup dietary variation.

During my stay at the Max Planck Institute I will be working on a starch reference collection from Peruvian plants that were supposedly used in those groups' diets and also continue the preparation of a reference collection of starch from Brazilian plants that can be used in the analysis of samples from different contexts. As I am also interested in methodology, I will be comparing different protocols for the extraction of microfossils from dental calculus as well.

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