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Domingo Carlos Salazar GarciaI am a Postdoc in the Research Group on Plant Foods in Hominin Dietary Ecology lead by Dr. Amanda Henry, and an Associate Researcher of the Department of Human Evolution at the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. I participated in the Leipzig School of Human Origins and am also part of the Archaeological Science group that is under the supervision of Prof. Michael Richards.

My research focuses on the reconstruction of palaeodiet and migration using biogeochemical techniques in order to address archaeological questions from prehistorical and early historical time periods. I work on the application of isotopic analysis of C, N, S and Sr on a range of tissues (bone, teeth, hair) of human and faunal remains. I am also working on proteomic and metagenomic analysis on archaeological dental calculus as a means for recovering both dietary and health information from past populations.

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