Max Planck Research Group on Plant Foods in Hominin Dietary Ecology

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Based on my biochemistry education in the university in Halle and the working experience at the water cluster in Lunz am See (Lower Austria), I am very experienced with creative lab organization, administration and project management in ecological and biochemical research. I am trained in the set up and operation of analytical instruments to separate, identify, and quantify lipid classes (HPLC-ELSD) and fatty acids (GC-FID, MS), as well as in methods for gene expression analysis (RNA-genetics, RT-PCR), and in microscopy protocols for the identification for the limnology food web. My research interests are based on food web research at the plant-animal-interface and the uptake and synthesis of essential biomolecules in organisms.

Education and Work Experience:

1987 – 1999 school education in Görlitz, finished with matriculation standard
2001 – 2003 basic study period in biochemistry at MLU Halle
2003 – 2005 main study period in biochemistry at MLU Halle subjects: biochemistry, organic chemistry, plant physiology, ecology and analytic
2005 – 2006 diploma thesis: "Innate Immunity in embryos of zebrafish (danio rerio): In-vitro test development as proof for the immune modulation of environmental toxins." (UFZ, Leipzig), Department of Cell Toxicology
2006 diploma in biochemistry
2007 – 2011 head of laboratory at water cluster in Lunz (WKL), aquatic lipid and ecotoxicology research group (Dr. Martin Kainz): lab management, lipid analytics, field work, molecular biology, microscopy, lab experiments
2011 – 2016 lab technician of the Max Planck Research Group: "Plant foods in hominin dietary ecology": lab management, plant data base organization, organic residue analysis, microscopy, lab methods development, nutrient analysis