Max Planck Research Group on Plant Foods in Hominin Dietary Ecology

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Many protocols and analytic methods have been established since our research group started. After setting up the labs, I am caring for the general lab organization, administrative and basic technical support for our group members.

The main work focuses on biological and biochemical analytic of group projects. I am doing collagen extraction for isotope analytics, curating the modern plant database, preparing the starch and phytolith reference collection and developing basic protocols for organic residue analytics. These analytics comprise starch extraction from sediments and stone tools, starch degradation and kinetic experiments, starch quantification (microscopy and photometric), lipid extraction protocols for GC, HPLC and MS analytics, phytolith and starch grain descriptions.

Besides that, I am involved in lab work for the South Africa plant nutrition project and the starch taphonomy project.

Plant Foods and Hominin Dietary Ecology Group
Department of Human Evolution
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