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a. Published

    Gur- Arieh, S. and Maeir, A.M. In pres. Area C, in: A. Maeir (ed.). Tell es-Safi/Gath, Vol. II: Selected Studies.

    Gur-Arieh, S., Shahack-Gross, R., Maeir A.M., Lehemann, G., Hitchcock, L. A., Boaretto, E. 2014, “The Taphonomy of Wood and Dung Ashes Found in Cooking Installations: Case Studies from Iron Age Israel”, Journal for Archaeological Science 46, 50-67.

    Gur-Arieh, S., Mintz, E., Boaretto, E., Shahack-Gross, R., 2013. An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Cooking Installations in Rural Uzbekistan: Development of a New Method for Identification of Fuel Sources, Journal of Archaeological Science 40, 4331-4347.

    Gur-Arieh, S., Boaretto, E., Maeir, A. M., and Shahack-Gross, R. 2012. Formation Processes in Philistine Hearths from Tell es-Safi/Gath (Israel): An Experimental Approach. Journal of Field Archaeology 37(2): 121–31.

    Gur-Arieh, S., Maeir, A. M., and Shahack-Gross, R. 2011. Soot Patterns on Cooking Vessels: A Short Note, in On Cooking Pots, Drinking Cups, Loom Weights and Ethnicity in Bronze Age Cyprus and Neigbouring Regions. An International Archaeological Symposium Held in Nicosia, November 6th-7th 2010, eds. V. Karageorghis and O. Kouka. Nicosia: A.G. Leventis Foundation: 349–55.

    Maeir, A. M. and Gur-Arie, S. 2011. Comparative Aspects of the Aramean Siege System at Tell es-Safi/Gath. In The Fire Signals of Lachish: Studies in the Archaeology and History of Israel in the Late Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Persian Period in Honor of David Ussishkin, eds. I. Finkelstein and N. Na’aman. Eisenbrauns: Winona Lake: 227-245.

a. Published

    Gur- Arieh, S. and Maeir, A.M. In preparation. Siege Matters: Insight from the Zakur Inscription and Other Ancient Sources on Ancient Near Eastern Siege Warfare.

Professional meetings posters and presentations:


“Home is Where the Hearth Is: Cooking Techniques and Cultural Identity: Case Studies from Southern Levant”. Talk at the Germany Israel Foundation Safi/Tiryns meeting at Tiryns, Greece.


“An Ethno-Archaeological Study of Cooking Installations in Rural Uzbekistan and an application in archaeological sites in Israel”. Developing International Geoarchaeology conference 2013 and International Workshop on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology Basel, Switzerland.


“Some like it hot”: Identifying Archaeological Cooking Installation in Light of Ethnoarchaeological Research in Uzbekistan”. Food Production Technology Conference of the Israel Antique Authority and the Hebrew University, at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


“Cooking Installations in Iron Age Israel: Formation Processes Revealed Using Geoarchaeological Methods”. Poster at the Workshop of the Working Group on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology at the Universita di Pisa, Italy


“Formation Processes in Philistine Hearths from Tell es-Safi/Gath (Israel) Revealed Using an Experimental Approach: Context Understanding for Radiocarbon Dating”. Poster at the Radiocarbon and Archaeology 6th International Symposium at Pafos, Cyprus.


“Integrative Studies of Cooking Installations in Iron Age Israel”. Microarchaeology Workshop at the Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.


“Reconstructing the Use of  the Philistine Pebble Hearths: Experimental Archaeology Research”. Innovations in the Research of Ancient Israel and Neighbors Societies: Young Scholars Seminar, at the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, the Jacob M. Alkow Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel-Aviv University. 


“No Smoke without Fire”: Experimental Archaeology Research on the Philistine Pebble Hearth and the Way They Were Used”. Studies in Archaeological Sciences, Conference at Bar-Ilan University.


“Hints from the Zakur Inscription and Other Sources on Ancient Near Eastern Siege Warfare". The American School of Oriental Research Annual Meeting 2008, Boston MA.