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Please also look at our job offers in German.

Ph.D. candidates

The Leipzig School of Human Origins seeks Ph.D. candidates interested in 

  • Comparative and Molecular Primatology,
  • Evolutionary and Functional Genomics, Ancient DNA, Molecular Anthropology and Genome Bioinformatics,
  • Human Paleontology, Prehistoric Archaeology and Archaeological Science.

The Leipzig School of Human Origins offers a unique interdisciplinary graduate program to study the evolutionary history of humans and great apes. The language of the school is English. Visit www.leipzig.de for information on living in Leipzig, Germany, in the center of Europe.

Application deadline: December 01, 2014

Click here for more information on "The Leipzig School of Human Origins"

Field assistant or Ph.D. position: Behavioral Ecology and Spatial Cognition in the Aka Hunter-Gatherers

We are looking for a candidate for a project on the spatial cognition and knowledge of the Aka hunter-gatherers of the Central African Republic.

The project will be carried out in the broader frame of improving our understanding of the natural spatial skills requires for foraging in the tropical forest ecology of modern hunter-gatherers. This project is a joint collaborative project of Christophe Boesch with Barry Hewlett of Vancouver (USA). The candidate will be primary responsible of mapping food resources in the Aka territory and follow individuals during their daily forays in the forest.

Work Schedule:

  • Preparation: approximately 2 weeks at the MPI EVAN
  • Data collection: First field trip of 4 months in CAR is planned but is dependent upon the progress of the data collection
  • Analysis at the MPI EVAN

MSc (or comparable degree) in Behavioral Ecology or Anthropology. Sound field experience in the tropics, botanical knowledge, developed experience with GIS and GPS techniques will be favored. The field work requires good physical condition, the ability to work independently and under remote conditions. Good French speaking abilities are required. If the qualification is there and the first field experience is completed to satisfaction, a Ph.D. on spatial cognition in the Aka hunter-gatherer could be envisioned.

The candidate will be supported by a stipend.

Terms of Appointment:
Initially for 6 months

Applications including a cover letter stating research experience and interests, detailed curriculum vitae, and the names and e-mail addresses of two referees should be sent electronically. The evaluation process will start immediately and applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Contact information:
Christophe Boesch