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Reports, sample protocols, guidelines etc.

  Short report on outbreaks investigated thus far (March 2005), click here

Agreement on the performance of analyses on samples collected in the context of the “Non-invasive Pilot Study” of the Great Ape Health Monitoring Unit (GAHMU) – for persons interested in participating. [pdf]

Sample protocol for collection of feces for the analyses in the context of the non-invasive pilot study. Provides details on the different storage types and the respective preparations. [pdf]

Sample sheet for collection of feces. This sheet can be used during collecting of samples for the non-invasive pilot study and shows the relevant information that should be provided with any sample. [pdf]

Hygienic guidelines for researchers at the Tai Chimpanzee Field Site (in French) [pdf]

Hygienic and health rules for the Taï National Park Chimpanzee Project [pdf]


There are two publications, which detail protocols and guidelines for standardized sampling of viruses and bacteria (Leendertz et al 2006) and parasites (Gillespie 2006)

 image: Martha Robbins