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  Abstract should be typed in English and not exceed 300 words. They should provide information about the author’s surname first, followed by the initials of the first and middle name, presenting author must be indicated by an asterisk (*) and institutional affiliation by superscript numbers. Give the title in bold and capital letters at the top of the abstract, and use standard format (introduction, methods, results, conclusion). Please do not include figures, tables, complex equations and special mathematical symbols. Authors should indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation.
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#1 Nizeyi, J., Taha, N. Adrenal gland response of three individuals in Mubale mountain gorilla family to specific stressors in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, South-Western Uganda
#2 Giita, S., Nizeyi, J. Antibiotic resistance of selected enteric bacteria isolates from mountain gorillas, domestic ruminants and humans in a shared environment of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, South-Western Uganda
#3 Breuer, T., Gale, L. Mass fruiting and increased contact rate in western gorillas, implications for disease transmission
#4 Michael Muehlenbein Parasitological surveys of wild primate populations: Field, laboratory and other important methodological considerations
#5 Breuer, T., Stokes, E. Coprophagy in western gorillas, implications for disease transmission
#6 Bernhard Ehlers Novel primate herpesviruses
#7 Fujita, S., Asaoka, K. Monitoring health status by using non-invasive sampling methods in wild chimpanzees
#8 Kaur, T., Singh, J. Cyberchimp: Health surveys from fieldsite to website
#9 Michael Reid A preliminary report on the prevalence of Malaria in wild born, ex-captive Bornean orangutans during the dry season in central Kalimantan, Indonesia
#10 Ludwig Siefert Prevention and / or cure as conceptual approach to non-human primate health?
#11 Ludwig Siefert A simple field test for detection of fecal ape parasites
#12 Tsukamoto, S., Skinner, M. Linking moisture and disease cycles to seasonally episodic disturbances of enamel formation in the bonobo
#13 van Bolhuis, G. Field comparison of a gamma-interferon assay intradermal tuberculin test and immunochromatographic assay for testing tuberculosis in orangutans
#14 Vernon Reynolds Budongo health procedures
#15 Hashimoto Chie The risk of disease transmission in the Kalinzu Forest, Uganda
#16 Takeshi Furuichi Control of human-bonobo contact of Wamba, D.R. Congo
#17 Nitsche, A., Ellerbrok, H., Pauli, G. Real-time PCR Detection of Orthopox Virus DNA and Identification of Variola Virus by Melting Analysis
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