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Presentations/ Publications

Hedwig D, Hammerschmidt K, Mundry R, Robbins MM & Boesch C (submitted to Behaviour). Acoustic structure and variation in mountain and western gorilla close calls – a syntactic approach.

Hedwig D (2011) “Socioecological differences shape the use of long distance communication of mountain and western gorillas”. Poster presented at the 12th Conference of the German Primatological Society, Leipzig, Germany.

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Hedwig D (2008) “Vocal communication in gorillas- a comparative study between Bwindi mountain gorillas, Uganda, and western lowland gorillas at Bai Hokou, CAR”. Talk presented at the Research and Conservation of Bwindi Mountain Gorillas Workshop, Institute for Tropical Forest Conservation, Kabale, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Tennie C, Hedwig D, Call J & Tomasello M (2008). “An experimental study of nettle eating in captive gorillas: Possible modes of acquisition and the role of social learning.” American Journal of Primatology. 70:1-10.

Hedwig D, Tennie C, Call J & Tomasello M (2006). “The acquisition of feeding skills in gorillas: the nettle technique.” Poster presented at the 10. Conference of the German Primatological Society, Leipzig, Germany.