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Curriculum Vitae


1996 –1998 Basic Studies in Biology, University of Zürich
1999 –2002 Studies in Zoology, University of Zürich
2003 Diploma work at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Thesis title: Ovarian development, dominance and the determintion of future queens in a primitively eusocial wasp (Ropalidia marginata)
2005 Studies in Secondary and Higher Education
2006 –2011 PhD student at the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
Dissertation title: Dominance, competition and cooperation in bonobos: a male perspective
2009 Diploma in Secondary and Higher Education


Work experience

Since 2003 Group and school class guide for Zoo Zürich
2003 Field assistant for Uni Zürich and for Vogelwarte Sempach
2004 Local administrator of MPI research field site in Kongo (DRC)
2005/06 Biology teacher at KZO (Highschool Zürcher Oberland)


Field experience

1998 Field assistance, University of Zürich
Prof. Wehner, Navigation in Desert Ants, Tunisia
2003 Field assistance, University of Zürich
Prof. U. Reyer, local adaptation in newt larvae, Switzerland
2003 Field assistance, Vogelwarte Sempach
Bird Migration across the Sahara, Mauretania
2004 Field site administration, MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology
Dr. Fruth and Dr. Hohmann, Ethnobotany and Bonobos, Kongo (DRC)


Professional and public service

Ad hoc reviewer:


  • Behaviour
  • Folia Primatologica
  • Behavioural Processes
  • Animal cognition

Grant applications:

  • The Leakey Foundation
  • Basler Stiftung für biologische Forschung
  • Swiss National Science Foundation



  • Förderpreis des Förderkreises des Deutschen Primatenzentrums