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photo from Tillmann FünfstückTillmann Fünfstück

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Department of Primatology
Deutscher Platz 6
D-04103 Leipzig, Germany

phone: +49 341 3550 206
e-mail: tillmann_fuenfstueck[>>> Please replace the brackets with an AT sign <<<]


Research interests

I am inspired by the possibility of using genetic data to answer scientific questions. Therefore I am happy to carry out my PhD thesis: “Genetic population structure of central chimpanzees at Goualougo” at the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology.

I am conducting genetic analyses of different chimpanzee communities in Goualougo Triangle, Republic of Congo. These chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) live in a widely continuous environment, however several groups are separated from each other by large rivers. These rivers may influence the dispersal patterns according to the chimps ability to cross them. Therefore, it is of interest to find out if one sees genetic structuring between the different groups or not. Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) are also living in the Goualougo Triangle so that it is even possible to compare the patterns of  genetic clustering between gorillas and chimpanzees.