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Scientific publications

2014 Behringer, V.; Stevens, J.M.G.; Hohmann, G.H.; Möstl, E.; Selzer, D.; Deschner, T.
Testing the effect of medical positive reinforcement training on salivary cortisol levels in bonobos and orangutans.
PlosOne 9(9), e108664 [pdf]

Behringer, V.; Deschner, T.; Deimel, C.; Stevens, J.M.G.; Hohmann, G.
Age-related changes in urinary testosterone levels suggest differences in puberty onset and divergent life history strategies in bonobos and chimpanzees.
Hormones & Behavior 66(3), 525-533

Grueter, C.C.; Deschner, T.; Behringer, V.; Fawcett, K.; Robbins, M.M.
Correlates of energy balance in wild female mountain gorillas: Application of a c-peptide based biomarker.
Physiology & Behavior 127, 13-19

Behringer, V.; Deschner, T.; Murtagh, R.; Stevens, J.M.G.; Hohmann, G.
Age-related changes in thyroid hormones of bonobos and chimpanzees indicate heterochrony in development. Journal of Human Evolution 66, 83-88 [pdf]
2013 Behringer, V.; Borchers, C.; Deschner, T; Möstl, E.; Selzer, D.; Hohmann, G.
"Measurements of salivary alpha amylase and salivary cortisol in hominoid primates reveal within-species consistency and between-species differences" PlosOne 8(4), e60773 [pdf]

Murtagh, R.; Behringer, V.; Deschner, T.
Review paper: LC-MS as a method for non-invasive measurement of steroid hormones in urine and faecal extracts of animals. Veterinary Medicine Austria 100, 247-254 [pdf]
2012 Behringer, V.; Hohmann, G.; Stevens, M.G.; Weltring, A.; Deschner, T.
"Adrenarche in bonobos (Pan paniscus): evidence from ontogenetic changes in urinary dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate levels" Journal of Endocrinology, Volume 214, Issue 1, 55-65

Behringer, V; Deschner, T.; Möstl, E.; Selzer, D.; Hohmann, G.
Stress affects salivary alpha-Amylase activity in bonobos
Physiology & Behavior 2012, Volume 105, Issue 2, 476-482 [pdf]
2009 Behringer, V.; Clauß, W.; Hachenburger, K.; Kuchar, A.; Möstl, E.; Selzer, D. (2009)
"Effect of giving birth on the cortisol level in a bonobo groups" (Pan paniscus) saliva”, Short Communication, Primates, Volume 50, 2009, p. 190-193
2008 Behringer, V.; Hachenburger, K.; Knott, C.; Selzer; D. (2008)
"What Is a Gorilla’s Most-Loved Toy?", Shape of Enrichment, Volume 17, Issue 1-2, p. 6-11


Oral presentation

2014 “Hormones Reflect Life History Profiles: Evidence from Comparative Studies on Humans and Apes”
Invited talk, Max-Planck Institute Tübingen, Germany

“Growing up - Hormonal changes during development in bonobos and chimpanzees in comparison to humans”
Invited speaker Max-Planck LeadNet, 26/27 May 2014, Mainz, Germany

"Growing up – Hormonal changes during development in bonobos and chimpanzees"
Invited talk, Anthropology Department, Indiana University Bloomington, USA

"Age-related changes in urinary thyroid hormones indicate heterochrony in development in bonobos and chimpanzees"
83rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, 8-12 April 2014, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2013 "Growing up – Hormones and development in humans and apes" Lecture series "Zoo experience, adventure conservation", 2 October 2013, Frankfurt, Germany

"Growing up in the light of endocrinology: Life history features of bonobos and chimpanzees" Conference "European Federation Primatology", 10-13th September 2013, Antwerp, Belgium
2012 "Adrenarche in bonobos (Pan paniscus). Ontogenetic development in bonobos and chimpanzees."
Conference "Non-invasive Monitoring of Hormones" (ISWE 2012), 23. – 26. September 2012, Wien, Österreich
2010 "Living together- Zusammen leben?!" V. Behringer
11. Primate Caretaker Meeting Apenheul, Apeldoorn, Netherland, 07.-10. October 2010

"Sumatra Orang-Utans – stressiger Speichel?" (Sumatran Orangutans – stressful saliva?) V. Behringer
Meeting of “Naturschutzbotschafter” (Conservation Ambassadors), Frankfurt, 17. February 2010
2009 "Verhaltens- und Stressuntersuchung bei Großen Menschenaffen" (Analyzing behavior and stress in great apes), V. Behringer
Annual meeting research group for wild biology in Giessen, 18. Mai 2009, Gießen
2008 "Stress of zoo housed apes" and "Moving apes, Ape transfer in Zoo Frankfurt" V. Behringer
EUPRIM-Net course „Stress and its Implication on Primate Welfare”
13.10. – 17.10.2008 at the German Primate Centre in Göttingen
2007 "Evolution of Enrichment at Ape house Zoo Frankfurt, Germany" ,C. Knott & V. Behringer
8. International „Environmental Enrichment“ Conference, 5.-10. August 2007, Vienna, Austria
2006 "Primatenschatzkisten – Ideen zur Beschäftigung von Menschenaffen" (Treasure chests for primates – Ideas to enriching the life of great apes), V. Behringer
9. Primate Caretaker Meeting Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria, 27.-29. October 2006



2011 "Stress affects salivary alpha-Amylase activity in bonobos"
Behringer, V.; Deschner, T; Möstl, E.; Selzer, D.; Hohmann, G. 8th Internationale Conference on behaviour, physiology and genetics of wildlife, 14.-17. September 2011, Berlin
2009 "Cortisol and cortisone measurement in Great Apes’ (Gorilla gorilla, Pan paniscus and Pongo abelii) saliva – one hydrogen atom makes a big difference!"
Behringer, V; Clauss, W; Hachenburger, K; Kuchar, A; Möstl, E; Selzer, D.
3rd International Congress European Federation of Primatologists, 12.-15. August 2009, Zürich, Switzerland
Financial support: European Federation for Primatology

"Stress research in three great ape species (Gorilla g. gorilla, Pan paniscus and Pongo abelii)"
Behringer, V; Hachenburger, K; Knott, K; Kuchar, A; Möstl, E; Selzer, D.
11th Conference of the Association of Primatology, 24. – 26. February 2009, Hannover

"Eine Geburt ist für die ganze Bonobogruppe ein aufregendes Ereignis" (Giving birth is for the hole Bonobogroup a amazing event)
Behringer, V; Clauß, W; Hachenburger, K; Kuchar, A; Selzer, D; Möstl, E.
New-Year Conference 2009 University of veterinary medicine Vienna, Austria
  • Poster award
2007 "A bulimic Bonobo? Observation of an eating disorder of a Bonobo (Pan paniscus) at Frankfurt Zoo"
Behringer, V; Selzer, D.
Doctorate programme of German Zoological Society
(DZG)-Professional group Behavior Biology, Göttingen, German Primate Center and University Göttingen, 17.02.-18.02.2007
2006 "Influence of an environmental enrichment feeding devices on the behaviour of Great Apes at Frankfurt Zoo"
Behringer, V; Mühl, T; Zöllmann, M; Brandt, H; Clauß, W; Selzer, D.
99. German Zoological Society (DZG) Conference, Münster, 16.09.- 20.09.2006