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  Gerlind Große   Publications  

Publications and Presentations


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CDC – Opening Conference of the CDC, Budapest (2010) Poster: “Where is the doggy?’ – Two-year-olds differentiate real questions from test questions”

ESPP – Conference of the European Society of Philosophy and Psychology, Budapest (2009) Symposium on Communicative Intentions in Infancy

XPRAG – Experimental Pragmatics Conference, Lyon (2009) Poster: “Where is the doggy?’ – Two-year-olds differentiate real questions from test questions”

GCLA – Third International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association (2008) Poster: “Infants appreciate cooperativeness in imperative communication”

LCC – International conference on Language, Communication and Cognition, Brighton (2008) Oral Presentation: “Infants Appreciate Cooperativeness in Imperative Communication”

IASCL – XI International Congress For The Study Of Child Language, Edinburgh (2008) Poster: “Infants Appreciate Cooperativeness in Imperative Communication”

ICIS – International Conference on Infant Studies, Vancouver (2008) Poster: “21-Month-Olds Understand the Co-operative Logic of Requests”

Poster: “How Children Understand Misunderstandings of Their Requests”

ECDP – 13th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Jena (2007) Oral Presentation: “The Understanding of Felicity Conditions in Infancy”

Scientific Colloquium „The Lexicon as Mirror of Contemporary History“, University of Leipzig, (2007) Invited Presentation: „Lexicon in Flux – Mechanisms of Cultural Dynamics“

LICTRA – VIII. International Conference on Basic Questions of Translatology: Tanslation Quality, Leipzig (2006): Oral Presentation: „ A Cultural Model for Translators and Interpretors“