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Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

phone: +49 341 3550 - 400

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Proft, M., Dieball, A., & Rakoczy, H. (in press). What is the cognitive basis of the side-effect effect? An experimental test of competing theories. Mind & Language.
Josephs, M., & Rakoczy, H. (2016). Young children think you can opt out of social-conventional but not moral practices. Cognitive Development, 39, 197-204.
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Samland, J., Josephs, M., Waldmann, M. R., & Rakoczy, H. (2016). The role of prescriptive norms and knowledge in children's and adults' causal selection. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145(2), 125-130.
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Josephs, M., Kushnir, T., Gräfenhain, M., & Rakoczy, H. (2016). Children protest moral and conventional violations more when they believe actions are freely chosen. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 141, 247-255.
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