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Teacher Development

As part of our systemic educational development work, we have a strong focus on supporting current and future teachers in engaging with the science of evolutionary anthropology. We develop and research pre-service teacher education models, as well as in-service teacher development seminars.

Evolutionary Anthropology in the Primary School

A new module at the Primary School Science Education group at University of Leipzig from Susan Hanisch.

The module explores existing methods and insights into teaching evolution in primary school. Building on these existing best practices, we explore how we can extend and use them to teach about human evolution, including the evolutionary origins and functions of emotions, language, social behavior, human needs and values, in the service of developing social-emotional competencies in young students.  


Human Behavior and Sustainable Development

Our interdisciplinary core teacher training module.

It has been implemented at the University of Leipzig Center for Teacher Training and School Research (Zentrum für Lehrerbildung und Schulforschung, ZLS) as well as the Pedagogical University, Bern (Pädagogische Hochschule Bern) in collaboration with Dr. Sebastian Tempelmann.

Currently, we are collaborating with Prof. Josia Razafindramanan at the Unviersity of Antananarivo, Madagascar, to adapt the course to be implemented in their Education & Anthropology for Sustainable Development program in 2021.

Find out more about the course here: http://teacher-training.globalesd.org/ 

Teacher Professional Development

We offer teacher professional development workshops in German for teachers in Saxony in collaboration with the Saxony school board (Landesamt für Schule und Bildung). All workshops take place at our institute.

Unfortunately, our workshops for the 2020-2021 school year have been cancelled due to COVID-19.