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Methods for the Study of Culture and Mind 2021

Max Planck Spring School: Methods for the Study of Culture and Mind
Virtual Workshops: April - September 2021
Time: each 13:00 - 16:00 CET


Part I: Introduction and logical perspective
22. April 2021Organizers
Organizers & Participants
Clark Barrett
Welcome & Orientation
Virtual Poster Session
Part II: Ethics and Infrastructure for the study of culture & mind
20. May 2021

Patricia Kanngiesser

 A brief history of Western Research ethics and challenges for global research
Neziswa TitiDecolonising methodologies: Protocol and ethics dilemmas in African-centered child-centric and child-rights research
Natalia B. DutraRunning the global laboratory of the future: on diverse samples, parachute science and large collaborations
Sandersan OnieA Global Context for Global Impact

27. May 2021

Joscha KärtnerSample Selection
Tanya BroeschCooperative Structures
Sheina Lew-Levy
Sarah Pope
Helen Wefers
Solveig Jurkat
Case Studies
Part III: Methods for the study of culture & mind

1. July 2021

Ethnographic Documentation

Heidi ColleranStructural Interviews
Katja LiebalObservational Field Methods
Thomas StodulkaDigital / Remote Ethnographie

8. July 2021

Experimentation in the field

Daniel HaunBehavioural Experimentation
Robert HepachEye-Tracking
Sarah Lloyd-FoxNeuroimaging
Part IV: Stats crash courses for the study of culture & mind
26. Aug. 2021Bret BeheimData Carpentry / Data Provenance
02. Sept. 2021Roger MundryMultilevel Models
09. Sept. 2021Richard McElreathScience Instead of Statistics: Bayesian Causal Inference
16. Sept. 2021Simon GreenhillPhylogenetic Statistics
23. Sept. 2021Alex CristiaMeta-Analysen