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Field Equipment/Technology

To ensure flexibility to work in different communities in the Oshikoto region of northern Namibia, we rely on 4x4 trucks with roof tents as our mobile homes and rely on solar panels to ensure remote communication and power. We either collaborate with local school facilities outside of school hours or utilize large tents to run studies in communities. Technical equipment used to manipulate experimental study contexts includes video cameras, Bluetooth position tracking devices to measure spatial distances between individuals, tablets, but also a range of self-made devices to minimize technical affordances for children and older study participants.


The Congo research team conducts studies from both a dedicated research station, located in the heart of the village, as well as from mobile research units, allowing research to continue even during seasons, when participants live in the forest. We use a variety of data collection techniques including interviews, focal follows and other observational sampling, GPS tracking to monitor foraging routes, and both hands-on and touchscreen experimental games. Due to its remote location, the Congo research site is entirely solar-powered and uses satellite communications to interface with collaborators and other research teams across CCP sites.