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Tyvans - Republic of Tyva


  • Principal investigator:
    Benjamin Grant Purzycki
  • Site founded: 2009

Site Details

Hailed informally as the geographic centre of Asia, the Tyva Republic (popluarly known as "Tuva") is the southernmost region in Siberia, just north of the western portion of Mongolia between the Sayan and Tangdy-Uula (Tannu-Ola) mountain ranges. Populated by a Tyvan ethnic majority of just over 80%, Tyva is roughly split between urban and rural residents. Urban Tyvans subsist primarily on a market-based economy while rural Tyvans herd sheep, goats, cattle, reindeer, and/or yaks. Most Tyvans identify as Buddhist, but also engage in religious practices associated with shamanism, animism, and totemism.


My research in Tyva largely seeks to make sense of the spatio-temporal distribution of religious practices devoted to local spirits. I use experimental and ethnographic methods from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, cognitive and cultural anthropology, and experimental behavioral economics. 

Selected Publications

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