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Young, M. M. I., Winters, S., Young, C., Weiß, B. M., Troscianko, J., Ganswindt, A., Barrett, L., Henzi, S. P., Higham, J. P., & Widdig, A. (2020). Male characteristics as predictors of genital color and display variation in vervet monkeys. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 74(2): 14.
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Young, C., McFarland, R., Ganswindt, A., Young, M., Barrett, L., & Henzi, S. P. (2019). Male residency and dispersal triggers in a seasonal breeder with influential females. Animal Behaviour, 154, 29-37.
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Minkner, M., Young, C., Amici, F., McFarland, R., Barrett, L., Grober, P., Henzi, S. P., & Widdig, A. (2018). Assessment of male reproductive skew via highly polymorphic STR markers in wild vervet monkeys, Chlorocebus pygerythrus. Journal of Heredity, 109(7), 780-790.
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Widdig, A., Muniz, L., Minkner, M., Barth, Y., Bley, S., Ruiz-Lambides, A., Junge, O., Mundry, R., & Kulik, L. (2017). Low incidence of inbreeding in a long-lived primate population isolated for 75 years. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 71(1): 18.
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