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Published Data Sets

Städele V, Van Doren V, Pines M, Swedell L, Vigilant L (2015) Fine-scale genetic assessment of sex-specific dispersal patterns in a multilevel primate society. Journal of Human Evolution 78: 103-113.


Arandjelovic M, Head J, Rabanal LI, Schubert G, Mettke E, Boesch C, Robbins MM, Vigilant L (2011) Non-invasive genetic monitoring of wild central chimpanzees. PLoS ONE 6(3): e14761. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0014761

Supporting information

Arandjelovic M, Head J, Kühl H, Boesch C, Robbins MM, Maisels F, Vigilant L (2010) Effective non-invasive genetic monitoring of multiple wild western gorilla groups. Biological Conservation 143(7): 1780-1791

Supplementary Table and Figures

Arandjelovic M, Guschanski K, Schubert G, Harris TR, Thalmann O, Siedel H, Vigilant L (2009) Two-step multiplex PCR improves the speed and accuracy of genotyping using DNA from noninvasive and museum samples. Molecular Ecology Resources 9:28-36

Supplementary Tables and Figure

Boesch C, Kohou G, Néné H and Vigilant L (2006) Male competition and paternity in wild chimpanzees of the Taï forest. American Journal of Physical Anthropology


Bradley B.J., Robbins M. M., Williamson E.A., Steklis H.D., Steklis N.G., Eckhardt N., Boesch C., and Vigilant L. (2005) Mountain gorilla tug-of-war: Silverbacks have limited control over reproduction in multimale groups. PNAS vol. 102 no. 26, 9418-9423.

Supporting Table 2: Primer information
Supporting Table 3: Gorilla genotypes
Supporting Table 4: Detailed paternity data
Supporting Table 5: Reproductive skew indices
Supporting Table 6: Estimated R values

Lukas D, Reynolds V, Boesch C and Vigilant L (2005) To what extent does living in a group mean living with kin? Molecular Ecology 14:2181-2196.


Data Set from Vigilant L, Hofreiter M, Siedel H, and Boesch C (2001) Paternity and relatedness in wild chimpanzee communities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 98:12890-12895.