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Roman Wittig and Fabian Leendertz on the relation of zoonoses and extinction of the species: Wissen Was - Zoonosen

Roman Wittig, Anna Preis and the Taï chimpanzees feature in a production of MDR Wissen about: The power of touch / Die Macht der Berührung (German TV: MDR Wissen)

Roman Wittig about adoptions in Taï chimpanzees: Animal emotions / Wie Tiere fühlen (German / French TV: Arte Production)

Catherine Crockford and Ammie Kalan on chimpanzee communication (German TV: MDR Wissen)

Roman Wittig about the evolution of laughing: Können Affen lachen? (German TV: MDR Wissen)

Christophe Boesch on the evolution of cooperation and altruism (English)

David Attenborough about his passion for Taï chimpanzees (English)

Roman Wittig about chimpanzee politics (Internet exhibtion: German)

Catherine Crockford about chimpanzees and language (English radio: BBC Radio 4)

Roman Wittig about the link between food sharing and bonding in chimpanzees (German radio: SWR)

Catherine Crockford talks about the importance of oxytocin during intergroup conflict (Canadian Radio: CBC)

Roman Wittig about food sharing and building friendships (German radio: WDR5 Quarks Science Radio)

Newspaper & Reports

Die Zeit, 19 June 2019: Dossier zum Thema Macht - What Taï chimpanzees can teach us about the struggle for power (article)

Nature, 16 November 2017: Research highlights: Chimps give extra warning to buddies unaware of danger (article)

New Scientist, 26 February 2016: Bromance helps stressed out warring chimps to keep their cool - on our work about oxytocin (article)

Science Magazine, 2 April 2010: Talking chimp to chimp – Review of our work in Budongo Forest Uganda (article)

Interviews about TCP research relevant to COVID-19 pandemics

MPG.DE Newsroom, 16 Apr 2020: Den Begriff 'Social Distancing' finde ich falsch

Die TAZ,31 Mar 2020: Coronavirus bedroht Menschenaffen

Nature,24 Mar 2020: COVID-19: protect great apes during human pandemics

Press Release

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7 January 2020: The growing pains of orphan chimpanzees (press release)

3 January 2020: Less offspring due to territorial conflicts (press release)


18 December 2019: Wild chimpanzees are sensitive to the sound properties of wood (press release)

28 November 2019: Monkeys inform about threats (press release)

16 July 2019: Flies may also spread disease among monkeys and apes (press release)

4 June 2019: Wild chimpanzees face extinction: Declaration signed during the Symposium of 40 years research at the Taï Chimpanzee Project (press release)

5 April 2019: Social insecurity also stresses chimpanzees (press release)

14 March 2019: Wild African ape reactions to novel camera traps (press release)

7 March 2019: Chimpanzees lose their behavioral and cultural diversity (press release)

5 March 2019: Dust affects tooth wear and chewing efficiency in chimpanzees (press release)

6 February 2019: Competent chimapnzee nutcrakcers (press release)


22 October 2018: Great ape with a tiny voice (press release)

10 October 2018: Wild chimpanzees share food with friends (press release)

10 September 2018: Wild chimpanzees cooperate in hunting (press release)

11 July 2018: Primates adjust grooming to their social environment (press release)

23 May 2018: Chimpanzee calls differ according to context (press release)


15 November 2017: Chimpanzees fill another’s knowledge gap (press release)

8 November 2017: Chimpanzees and mangabeys interfere with group members' relationships (press release)

2 August 2017: Anthrax: a hidden threat to wildlife in the tropics (press release)

3 May 2017: Warfare may explain differences in social structures in chimpanzees and bonobos (press release)


26 December 2016: Oxytocin enhances social affiliation in chimpanzee groups (press release)

1 November 2016: With a little help from my friends (press release)

21 January 2016: Fleeting fruit in a tropical rainforest (press release)


18 March 2015: Eavesdropping on the forest to monitor wildlife (press release)

14 January 2015: Wild chimpanzee vocalizations can convey information about food patch size (press release)

2 January 2015: Cracking the case: Wild chimpanzees select nut-cracking tools taking account of up to five different factors (press release)


27 October 2014: The early chimp gets the fig: wild chimpanzees plan their breakfast time, type and location (press release)

17 September 2014: Male chimpanzees more likely to kill and be killed (press release)

5 February 2014: Friend or foe (press release)

15 January 2014: The way to a chimpanzee's heart is through it stomach (press release)


23 October 2013: Long-term memory helps chimpanzees in their help for food (press release)

29 May 2013: Malaria protection in chimpanzees (press release)

10 April 2013: Botanists in the rain forest (press release)

25 March 2013: In chimpanzees, hunting and meat sharing is a man's business (press release)

23 January 2013: The benefits of social grooming (press release)

2012 and before

10 May 2012: Chimpanzee cultures differ between neighbors (press release)

3 May 2012: Tai chimpanzees featured in Hollywood movie (press release)

29 December 2011: I know something that you don't know - and I will tell you (press release)

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