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Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture

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04103 Leipzig

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In press

Bründl, A. C., Tkaczynski, P. J., Kohou, G., Boesch, C., Wittig, R. M., & Crockford, C. (in press).Systematic mapping of developmental milestones in wild chimpanzees. Unpublished Manuscript.


Lynton-Jenkins, J., Bründl, A. C., Cauchoix, M., Lejeune, L. A., Sallé, L., Thiney, A., Russell, A. F., Chaine, A. S., & Bonneaud, C. (in press). Contrasting the seasonal and elevational prevalence of generalist avian haemosporidia in co-occurring host species. Ecology and Evolution.


Lejeune, L. A., Savage, J. L., Bründl, A. C., Thiney, A., Russell, A. F., & Chaine, A. S. (2019). Environmental Effects on Parental Care Visitation Patterns in Blue Tits Cyanistes caeruleus. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 7. 356. 10.3389/fevo.2019.00356.

Bründl, A. C., Sorato, E., Sallé, L., Thiney, A. C., Kaulbarsch, S., Chaine, A. S., & Russell, A. F. (2019). Experimentally induced increases in fecundity lead to greater nestling care in blue tits. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 286: 20191013.


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